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Intelligent door and window enterprises must make preparations to ensure that the environmental protection performance of door and window products can be truly realized

as we all know, environmental protection is the mainstream of the current society. As an intelligent door and window industry closely related to people's daily life, in this case, it is naturally more necessary to pay attention to the green environmental protection performance of products. It is inevitable to comply with the green trend, but before that, intelligent door and window enterprises must make preparations to ensure that the environmental protection performance of door and window products can be truly realized

first, environmental protection smart doors and windows is to comply with the general trend

environmental protection is the eternal theme of social development, is the general trend, and is also the embodiment of the responsibility of smart doors and windows enterprises to society. At present, building materials have become the largest energy consumption industry in China, and the promotion of environmentally friendly and energy-saving intelligent doors and windows has become an effective measure to reduce building energy consumption. Fuxuan doors and windows found that with the popularity of low-carbon and energy conservation, energy-saving and environment-friendly smart doors and windows are also favored by consumers with superior performance and affordable price. Environmental protection is the direction of sustainable development of the smart door and window industry in the future, and it is also the only way out for the development of smart door and window enterprises. The simple European style is the trend of social development. Aluminum alloy door and window enterprises should also comply with social needs in order to seek development

II. New impetus broke out in the door and window industry

with the arrival of high-end decoration demand, healthy, environmental friendly and exquisite doors and windows are being accepted by more and more consumer groups pursuing high-end quality of life. Next, door and window manufacturers can greatly show their strength in this mainstream customer group. In 2018, smart door and window enterprises need to think about how to design high-end quality products that highlight personal taste, express the owner's life attitude and life pursuit of high humanistic value and more top-notch technology. This requires that on the way of product research and development and design, we not only retain or even optimize the characteristics of high-end environmental protection of materials, but also serve high-end customers from the perspective of added human value and high-end needs of internal and external repair

in general, making green and healthy doors and windows is the responsibility of intelligent door and window enterprises. For the current smart door and window enterprises, green environmental protection is imperative. In this process, smart door and window enterprises find a direction suitable for their own development and constantly improve their environmental protection technology, so as to usher in a more long-term development under the general trend of green





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