Is the installation of fence exquisite

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Is the installation of fence exquisite

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the installation of fences is also regulated, and even the environment is required. The specific requirements are very simple, but they cannot be ignored

requirement 1: safety technical disclosure must be carried out before construction, no illegal operation, and obey the command of safety personnel

requirement 2: take good care of all safety facilities and appliances, use them correctly, and do not dismantle or change them casually

requirement 3: safety awareness must be high. Construction personnel shall wear safety helmets and safety belts when entering the site, and welding personnel must wear insulating shoes

requirement 4: during welding, special personnel shall be assigned to take care of and prepare fire-fighting equipment. The site shall be inspected immediately after welding, and the site can be evacuated only after it is confirmed that there is no hidden danger

requirement 5: after the construction is completed, the materials on the construction site shall be stacked neatly, and the leftover materials left in the daily construction shall be sorted and cleaned to ensure that the materials are clean after the work is completed and the site is cleared. Set up eye-catching warning signs in construction areas and dangerous areas, and take protective measures

before and after construction, we must focus on safety, pay attention to procedures and take safety measures to avoid personal safety injury

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