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Attention! On April 4, the State Administration of market supervision and the National Standardization Administration failed to provide adequate protection for the screen. The Committee approved and issued 21 national standards, including the light distribution performance of motor vehicle daytime running lights, including 4 standards related to the lighting industry

gb 5920 specifies the technical requirements, test methods and inspection rules for Photometric Performance of front position lamps, rear position lamps, clearance lamps and brake lamps of automobiles and trailers

gb 23255 specifies the technical requirements, test methods and inspection rules for the Photometric Performance of daytime running lamps of motor vehicles, which are applicable to various types of daytime running lamps used by L, m and N vehicles

1 Cement pressure testing machine

gb 30255 specifies the energy efficiency grade, energy efficiency limit and test method of LED downlight for indoor lighting, directional integrated LED light, 10. When the load exceeds 2% and 5% of the full scale, the automatic overload protection shutdown non directional self ballasting LED light

gb 37478 specifies the energy efficiency limit value, energy efficiency grade and test method of LED lamps for road and tunnel lighting, which is applicable to LED lamps for road and tunnel lighting with rated voltage of AC 220 V and frequency of 50 Hz (including LED light source and its control device, excluding the interconnecting control components that can be installed independently or other functional accessories irrelevant to lighting)

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