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Four people were arrested for producing and selling fake putty powder in Nandan county, Hechi

four people were arrested for selling fake putty powder in a steady state for four hours

November 15, 2013 Famous brands such as "Jiabaoli", "desert oasis" and "Tianyi" have different market types and uses. On November 13, the police of Nandan county, Hechi City, Guangxi revealed that Nandan Tan mouheng was arrested on suspicion of producing and selling fake and shoddy commodities, while Huang, Tan Yiguo, Tan Yigang and Tan Yifeng were arrested on suspicion of producing and selling fake and shoddy commodities

on September 10, 2013, after the Economic Investigation Brigade of Nandan county Public Security Bureau received the report, Mo Kuihu, deputy county head and public security director of Nandan county, Huang Gang, political commissar, and Wei Jufei, deputy director of Nandan county, immediately organized a meeting to set up a task force to crack down on the "production and sale of fake putty powder with counterfeit registered trademarks". After more than two months of arduous investigation, the task force successfully cracked the case

it is reported that the suspect Nandan Tan mouheng applied for enterprise registration with the industry and Commerce of Nandan county on February 15, 2013, and invested 20000 yuan to establish the red hair coating processing plant of Nandan county. Tan mouheng developed and produced the formula himself. Without applying for a registered trademark with the administrative department for Industry and commerce, he privately produced "Hongfa" brand and "Jiali" brand putty powder and sold them to the market. In july2012, in order to gain more market share of gb/t 16938 (1) 997 general technical conditions for fasteners bolts, screws, studs and nuts, and obtain more profits, Tan Yiheng purchased packaging bags of famous brands such as "Nippon", "Jiabaoli", "desert oasis" and "Tianyi" without authorization from relevant manufacturers, and then filled the putty powder produced by himself into these packaging bags of famous brands, Pretending to be the corresponding well-known brand putty powder, they were sold to the market by Huang, Tan, Tan, and tan. These fake putty powders of well-known brands were sold to Dushan County, Sandu County, Libo County, urban area of Nandan county, Dachang, CHEHE, Liuzhai and other towns in Guizhou Province by five people, including Tan Yiheng and Huang, with a cumulative sales amount of more than 680000 yuan

on September 24, 2013, Nandan county public security bureau hired sampling personnel from Guangxi Nandan county quality supervision bureau to send the seized "Nippon" putty powder produced by Tan Yiheng for inspection. After inspection by Guangxi product quality supervision and Inspection Institute, it was identified that the seized putty powder was a brand product counterfeiting its registered trademark

the suspect Tan Yiheng counterfeited the putty powder and other products that did not obtain the legal registered trademark to carry out packaging and production, and then sold them as Jiabaoli, Nippon, Tianyi coating and classic all ecological brands, making profits. His behavior violated the provisions of Article 140 of the criminal law of the people's Republic of China, and was suspected of producing and selling fake and inferior products; The suspect Huang, Tan, Tan, and tan, while knowing that Tan Yiheng produces and sells fake putty powder of other brands, are still actively packaging and producing for them to make profits from their sales. Their behavior violates the provisions of Article 140 of the Chinese people's tls-w100 microcomputer controlled spring support and hanger testing machine, which is widely used in various spring production enterprises and quality inspection departments, and is suspected of producing fake and inferior products

recently, the case is still under further trial

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