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Four new problems to be solved in Anping silk industry on September, the 10th Anping international silk Expo was held in Anping. There was a great deal of noise from the on-site visitors. There were many exhibitors and abundant products. The silk industry showed a rapid development trend. However, after several days of in-depth interviews with enterprises, the author noticed that after the vigorous development, there are several major problems that can not be ignored

vicious price competition. According to the general manager of a company, in recent years, Anping silk products have been frequently subject to foreign anti-dumping, mainly because of the quality problems of Anping silk. Due to the considerable profits of the silk industry, many Anping people began to operate and produce after collecting mechanical equipment and technical workers. Therefore, the name of Anping project: Key Technologies for biological preparation of functional high molecular amino acids and industrialized utilization of silk enterprises are increasing. On the one hand, the increase in the number of enterprises is conducive to promoting the development of the industry, but on the other hand, there is no doubt that there is fierce competition among many peer enterprises. Some enterprises do not hesitate to reduce product prices and break through the market with "price war", which leads to the decline of product quality from an implicit perspective

almost no brand. Brand is the "image representative" of an enterprise and an important means for an enterprise to promote its products. By means of network promotion, TV advertising, exhibition publicity, etc., to build a well-known brand in the industry is conducive to product sales, and in the long run, it can promote the positive, healthy and rapid development of the whole enterprise. In an interview with an enterprise, the author asked whether he had his own brand when unloading the oil collector. The person in charge actually raised the question of "what is a brand". Safety record history log; The lack of brand awareness of plain silk enterprises can be seen here

the phenomenon of enterprise relocation is serious. Vicious competition among industries has led to a decline in product quality, which has had a very bad impact on the external image of Anping silk. Many dealers or customers prefer to increase transportation costs and go to other regions to purchase silk. In addition, Anping is located in the central part of China, and its information level and economic development speed are far lower than those of coastal areas. Therefore, many Anping enterprises moved their companies to Foshan, Guangdong, Bohai rim and other regions to solve the "reputation" crisis

abnormal lack of talents. Anping is located in the central part of China. There is a certain gap between Anping and coastal areas in terms of economic development level and public environment. Few technical and management talents are willing to go deep into the inland for development. If you have any problems in the use and operation of an enterprise, tell me frankly that the lack of talents has seriously affected the development of the enterprise. Due to the limited number of skilled workers, both hands of skilled workers are often injured in the process of silk production, resulting in the inability of production activities. However, the common problem of many enterprises is the serious lack of management talents. A person in charge of the enterprise said that "try to be Bole" to solve the problem of talent shortage

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