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"Four measures" of the second maintenance station to strengthen the safety supervision of construction machinery

the "four measures" of the second maintenance station to strengthen the safety supervision of construction machinery

China Construction Machinery Information According to the policy of "comprehensive treatment", the second maintenance management station takes practical measures to standardize and strengthen the safety supervision of construction machinery, do a solid job in the safety production of construction machinery used in the pipeline section, curb the occurrence of safety production accidents of construction machinery, promote the continuous and stable improvement of the safety production situation, and further promote the construction of "safe transportation"

second, attention should be paid to the "four measures" to strengthen the safety supervision of construction machinery. First, improve and implement the safety production management system of construction machinery to achieve institutionalized management. ISO9000 used in combination with the maintenance project is the construction machinery produced when the wall passes through the measurement barrier of these aspects of the test piece in international trade. A scientific safety production management system for construction machinery shall be formulated and strictly implemented

second, further implement the supervision of the main body of safety production and maintenance station of the construction unit, and strengthen investigation. Make it clear that the construction unit is the first person in safe production, take inspection, publicity, training and other means, pay close attention to the implementation of the main safety of the construction unit, and constantly improve the safety awareness and legal awareness of the person in charge of the construction unit, the safety administrator and the construction machinery operators; Ensure that each construction machinery, construction machinery operators and ANC China have also formulated ministerial professional standards, and that all supervisors are clear, definite and take up their posts with certificates

the "four measures" of the second maintenance station strengthen the safety supervision of construction machinery

the third is to establish the safety information database of construction machinery and realize information management. Establish a general account of construction machinery in the management section, indicating the name of the unit, contact and general information of mechanical equipment, and establish an account for the use, inspection and maintenance of each construction machinery; Regularly update and summarize. In combination with the account book, it carefully analyzes, studies and judges, and defines the work priorities and next steps

fourth, strengthen the inspection, troubleshooting and remediation of hidden dangers of construction machinery, and realize the normalization of hidden danger treatment. Make daily inspection normalized, special inspection refined and hidden danger rectification scientific, timely find out the hidden danger in the operation of construction machinery, and implement it in a timely manner. Realize all-round and full coverage of safety supervision, without blind spots and dead corners, and resolutely put an end to safety accidents of construction machinery

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