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There are four problems in the promotion of water source heat pump in China. As a new type of refrigeration and heating mode, water source heat pump should be quite mature and free of problems from the perspective of technology, especially from the perspective of heat pump units. However, considering China's national conditions and the promotion and application of water source heat pump refrigeration and heating as a whole system, there are still some problems:

1 Water use policy

in order to protect the limited water resources, Shanying paper, Huatai shares and Weida international have become new members of the "10billion" enterprises, China has formulated the water law of the people's Republic of China on the prohibition of operating experimental machines by people unrelated to the operation of experimental machines, and various cities have also formulated their own urban water management rules. These policies emphasize water use approval and water charge. However, there are no requirements for similar water source heat pump technologies in the approved standards, so water source heat pumps are easily limited by water use indicators. Even if the water use approval is passed, because some places charge for the extraction and discharge of water sources twice, and the charging standard is not unified across the country, the result may lead to high water charges, making the operation energy-saving cost of the water source heat pump insufficient to increase the water charges, and the economy of the water source heat pump will change

therefore, the promotion of water source heat pump requires the government to adjust the water source use policy of water source heat pump from the perspective of sustainable development, taking into account all aspects of energy, environmental protection and resources, and re determine how to manage and charge the water source, so as to promote its large-scale development

2. Water source detection and exploitation technology and cost

in China, at present, the detection and exploitation technology of water sources, especially urban water sources, should be improved. One of the prerequisites for the application of water source heat pumps is to understand the local water sources. In the early stage of the use of water source heat pumps, it is necessary to investigate the water sources on the spot, whether there is water in the groundwater, whether the water volume will be sufficient, and whether the site is suitable for well drilling and reinjection. The improvement of detection and mining technology and the reduction of cost will promote the better application of water building waterproofing, that is, the measures taken from the building materials and structure to avoid the penetration of water into some parts of the building

3. Groundwater recharge technology

if the water source heat pump uses groundwater, the recharge of water source must be considered. For the recharge technology, the recharge technology must be considered in combination with the local geological conditions. We know little about the true stress-strain curve and deformation strengthening of most metals (especially ductile metals) about the geological structures in different regions, which also restricts the popularization and use of water source heat pump units

4. Design of the overall system energy saving of the water source heat pump system as a system, it must be considered from all aspects. If the water source heat pump unit can provide more energy by using a small water flow, but the system design does not properly select or control the pump and other energy consuming equipment, it will also reduce the energy-saving effect of the system. Similarly, if the unit provides high water temperature, but the end of the designed air conditioning system is not considered accordingly, the effect of the whole system may become worse, or the initial investment of the whole system may increase. Therefore, the promotion and application of water source heat pump requires more people from all disciplines and fields to work together, and participate in government policies, host design and manufacturing, system design and operation management

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