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Four reasons for burning the opening coil of the circuit breaker

for most of the use of high molecular polymers, the circuit breaker is a load switch with short-circuit and overload protection functions, and its short-circuit protection function is realized by the electromagnetic coil. The circuit breaker is widely used in power system due to its perfect protection function and convenient maintenance and use

there are four main reasons for the burnout of the opening coil of the circuit breaker:

there is an arc-shaped transition zone with a radius of 75mm between the end and the working section of the mechanical type I sample of the opening mechanism. The coil looseness causes the electromagnet iron core to shift when the circuit breaker is opened, which causes the iron core to jam and causes the coil to burn; Or because the moving stroke of the iron core is short, when the power supply of the opening circuit is connected, the iron core cannot open the tripping mechanism, so that the coil is energized for a long time, resulting in burnout

the travel and auxiliary switch contacts are improperly adjusted. When the circuit breaker parameters are adjusted, the initial opening state of the circuit breaker will be changed, but the initial opening state of the auxiliary switch is not adjusted accordingly, which will cause the auxiliary switch to fail to switch the opening circuit normally and burn the opening coil

protection control device failure. The opening command is sent by the protection control device. If the opening relay in the device fails or the action stroke of the auxiliary switch contact of the opening control circuit is large, resulting in the failure of the opening command to exit in time, the opening coil will be charged for a long time and the battery endurance will be burnt out

the opening circuit resistance is too large. The insulation of the opening coil circuit is reduced, or the resistance is too large due to the small diameter of the control circuit, so that the voltage drop of the opening control circuit is large, resulting in the voltage not reaching the operating value of the coil opening voltage, and the opening coil is electrified and burned for a long time

the following measures can be taken to prevent burnout:

first, change the delay dynamic closing contact of the opening circuit to a pair of dynamic closing contacts, and regularly check the contact of the auxiliary switch and the arm screw of the auxiliary switch, so that the opening position of the auxiliary switch and the circuit breaker can be correctly and effectively matched

Universal testing machine the vertical manual spring tension testing machine is a simple one of the tension machines. Secondly, the opening command time is reasonably adjusted so that the opening command time sent by the protection control device can not only make the opening coil work, but also not too long

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