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Dave Ulrich, the four new roles of Harvard's classic human resource management, is known as the pioneer of human resource management. He first put forward the concept of "humanresource" (HR). Before that, human resources were called "humanmanagement". Ulrich believes that the only remaining weapon that has the power of competition to make the measurement results incorrect is organization, because those traditional competitive elements, such as cost, technology, distribution, manufacturing and product characteristics, can only be replicated under the same experimental conditions sooner or later, and they cannot guarantee that you are the winner. In the new economy, success will come from organizational ability, including speed, responsiveness, agility, learning ability and employee quality. The new mission of the human resources department involves the cultivation of excellent organizational ability

in fact, people once questioned whether the human resources department should be abolished in the company. Some business researchers and executives often argue about this issue. People began to doubt how much the human resources department contributed to the company's performance, because in many cases, it did nothing and could do nothing about many things, but the expenditure was also high. However, the actual situation is that managers are always facing various competitive challenges today or in the future, which requires the organization to continuously improve its ability and achieve excellent operation. Improving organizational ability is absolutely the responsibility of the human resources department

therefore, the problem faced by senior managers is no longer "should the human resources department be abolished", but "how to play the role of the human resources department". The answer is: we should develop a new function and program for the HR department, so that it will no longer focus on traditional activities such as employee recruitment or salary and welfare, but on outcomes. In other words, the significance of the HR department lies not in how much it has done, but in what results it has brought to the enterprise - how much value it can help the enterprise create and how much added value it can provide to customers, investors and employees

to put it simply, the human resources department should play four new roles:

strategic implementing partner

it is the company's management team that formulates the strategy. In order to become a qualified strategic partner of the management, the human resources manager should guide everyone to discuss what organizational form the company needs to adopt to implement the strategy, including four steps: first, the human resources department should be responsible for formulating the organizational structure of the enterprise; Secondly, the human resources department must undertake the responsibility of organizing the review; Third, provide solutions to the urgent need for change in the organizational structure; Finally, the human resources department must evaluate the work at hand and prioritize the tasks

administrative expert

over the years, people have always regarded the staff of the human resources department as administrative personnel. However, as the new role of administrative experts, they need to get rid of the traditional police image of maintaining the system, and at the same time ensure that all the daily work of the company is carried out smoothly. 3. Concentrate on the operation. In order to realize the role transformation from administrative personnel to administrative experts, the human resources department must improve the work efficiency of themselves and the whole organization

employee support

the human resources department has ensured the employees' active investment in the company. To this end, it must be responsible for training and guiding line managers to make them understand how important it is to keep employees' morale high and how to achieve this goal. In addition, the human resources department should provide employees with personal and career development opportunities, and provide various resources to help employees meet the company's requirements for them. The human resources department should also act as the spokesperson for the employees - 1. Generally, it is required that the rubber tension experiment can obtain the force value with a precision of more than two decimal places. In front of the management, they must represent the interests of the employees, and they must speak for the employees in the discussion of the management

change promoter

the fourth new responsibility of the human resources department is to help the organization form the ability to cope with and use change. The new HR department will also ensure that the company's vision statement (for example, we want to be the global leader in our industry) can be translated into concrete actions. As a change promoter, employees of the human resources department do not need to implement the change themselves, but they should ensure that the change is implemented throughout the company

the new mission of the human resources department requires human resources practitioners to completely change their way of thinking and behavior. At the same time, the new mission also requires senior executives to change their expectations of the human resources department and the way they deal with the human resources department. They should put forward higher requirements to the human resources department, invest the human resources department as a business, and overcome the stereotype of human resources specialists that they are only auxiliary personnel who have little ability and will only damage the value of the company. (end)

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