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Four packaging industry giants such as Hexing packaging have actively "touched"

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core tips: the "Internet +" action plan has been popular in the packaging industry, as can be seen from Hexing packaging, org, mayinson and Shengtong's active involvement in the Internet

[China Packaging News] the Internet + action plan has been popular in the packaging industry, as can be seen from the active involvement of Hexing packaging, org, mayinson and Shengtong in the Internet

in the view of Hexing packaging, due to the addition of Internet technology, packaging products. 2. Significance: the elastic modulus can be regarded as an index to measure the difficulty of elastic deformation of materials. It is not only a simple product packaging, but also endowed with more functional attributes. The demand for packaging has gradually become diversified and personalized. The company will launch o2o packaging platform for many small and medium-sized enterprises, providing convenience and convenience for many small and medium-sized enterprises High quality and personalized customized packaging

specifically, Hexing packaging will actively grasp the development opportunities of the Internet economy, take the Internet information technology as the core, create an intelligent packaging ecological chain integrating mechanical, optical, chemical and other media, realize the tracking of commodity information storage, food quality and safety anti-counterfeiting traceability, and real-time monitoring of commodity circulation process, and form a detailed database to provide customers with more personalized Refined services

coincidentally. Recently, org, the leader of metal beverage packaging cans, also made it clear that in 2015, the company will actively explore the fields of brand management and industrial incubation, packaging design, manufacturing and filling integration, intelligent packaging and manufacturing

org said that the QR code service provided by org to customers is a combination of the content of brand creativity, the content of software decision-making and big data collection, and the content of hardware that can provide personalized QR code services for each product, so as to provide customers with accurate marketing, channel management and interaction with consumers in the future, Build a platform facing the future information society. In the future, the integration and re creation between different sectors will be gradually realized. As the future after-sales service will be taken into account in the normal price, the platform scale advantage will be realized. The content of QR code service includes the use of QR code to achieve anti-counterfeiting traceability, sales management, promotion optimization and innovative application to consumers

meiyingsen, the leading corrugated packaging product, has begun to build an Internet + packaging platform. According to meiyingsen, after the company laid out the Internet + packaging platform through a number of acquisitions last year, the strategic thinking of the company's Internet Printing and packaging platform has gradually become clear, and the company will strive to build an integration platform for the packaging and printing industry in the future

in addition, the media found that the combination of packaging and printing fine chemicals and functional materials has become a new trend in the industry. Jinjia shares and Shengtong shares have been injected with internet genes to enter the intelligent health field or cloud printing and other markets. In the 2014 annual report, Shengtong shares said that the company has built the company into a development strategy representing China's most advanced cloud printing comprehensive service platform through the new business model of industrial internal integration + printing technology upgrading + Internet services, and actively carried out printing services such as publication printing, packaging printing and cloud printing by fully relying on the long-term accumulated customer, market and technical advantages, combined with the development of Internet information technology, Promote industrial upgrading and transformation

some media pointed out that with the increasing diversification of consumer demand, large packaging and high-quality packaging and printing will become the first choice for consumer goods production enterprises. At the same time, the low market concentration also provides sufficient development space and opportunities for paper packaging production enterprises. If plastic enterprises with stronger advantages can seize the development tide of the times and expand their own market scale, they will grow into future industry giants. In terms of the overall scale, the total output value of China's packaging industry exceeded 1.4 trillion in 2014. At present, China's packaging and printing industry has a huge capacity and sufficient interconnection space

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