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The transaction speed of acetone market is slow, and the cost supports the price to stabilize.

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over the past week, the domestic acetone market atmosphere has been weak, the market transaction speed is quite slow, and the transaction price has dropped slightly. The downstream purchasing attitude is negative, the operation enthusiasm of middlemen is not high, and the circulation atmosphere of intermediate links is lacking. With the end of the year approaching, some downstream demand has turned into the off-season. Affected by the final anti-dumping negotiations on footwear in the EU, the downstream demand for shoe glue at the end of the shoemaking terminal has weakened, and the demand for acetone raw materials has decreased. At the same time, affected by the rapid accumulation of centralized arrival inventory at the port, the market has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere, and traders have strong intention to release goods. As of the end of last week, the number of outbound goods arrived at the ports in East China in November has exceeded half, and the enthusiasm of downstream purchasing has gradually weakened. While the sub importers in the automobile, electronic and electrical appliances, machinery, large complete sets of equipment and other industries have increased their intention to ship goods when the goods are concentrated in Hong Kong, so there is a situation of price reduction competition to ensure sales volume in the market. However, supported by the stability of manufacturers' prices and the cost of supply, some market participants expect that there is limited room for decline, and the outer disk cost in December will also become a price guiding factor

last week, the atmosphere in the domestic and foreign acetone market was quiet, with only a few tentative inquiries. It is reported that the intended quotation for a near ocean propafenone is about US $740/ton (CFR China's main port), and the buyer is equipped with relevant experimental equipment, such as calipers, steel tapes, notebooks, hammers and various moulds The psychological price gap is wide, and the buyer is not interested in negotiation

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