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Automobile body rapid prototyping integrated equipment cantilever host design

the upgrading of automobile is accelerated with the deepening of ergonomics and engineering aesthetics research, and the mold industry used to manufacture body panels is also growing with the development of automobile industry. In order to shorten the automobile development cycle, in the process of new product trial production or prototype manufacturing, silicon rubber and low melting point alloy are usually used to make rapid molds for panel molds, and then steel molds are processed after finalization. Therefore, the design and manufacture of the original mold of these molds has become the key link of vehicle upgrading and shortening the development cycle. Foreign countries have developed machine tools and equipment for prototype processing in actual production, but the price is generally high and has not been popularized. At this stage, only a few domestic enterprises have introduced foreign similar machine tools and equipment for the processing of prototypes, but most enterprises still use traditional machine tools and equipment to complete this work. Most of the machine tools and equipment are bulky, complex, expensive, molding characteristics, low precision, which can not meet the rapid development of modern manufacturing industry, and have become an important factor restricting the development of China's automotive industry

1 structure and working principle of cantilever host

1 1. Overall structure and working principle

according to the requirements of the subject, the cantilever host should have five degrees of freedom, namely, translation in the X, y, z directions and rotation around the X, y coordinate axes

referring to the structure of the CMM, the machine tool is roughly divided into six parts: base, column, cantilever, suspension box, head box, and workbench. In addition, there is a double wheel arm device, as shown in Figure 1

figure 1

workbench: it is necessary to install a linear guide rail in the X coordinate direction to support the host and play a guiding role

base: it is used to support the part above the base of the host, install the guide rail, stepping motor and the braking device in the X coordinate direction

column: used to install suspension box and support head box

suspension box: it is used to install the cantilever, the transmission system and actuator of the cantilever moving in the Y coordinate direction, the braking device, etc

cantilever: it is installed on the suspension box and can move in the Y coordinate direction. One end is equipped with a working motor and a cutting tool, so as to be committed to developing yinjiaoju as a commercially viable renewable source of high-quality natural rubber and as an alternative processing line for rubber trees

headstock: the transmission system used to install the Z coordinate direction has become one of the most frequently used hardness test methods, as well as some actuating elements and braking devices

double slewing arms: used to complete the rotation around the X and Y coordinate axes. 2. Before starting the machine, add lubricating oil to each friction part and rotate it, and install it at the end of the cantilever

1.2 overall transmission and working principle

through the comparison of linear motor, lead screw nut pair, gear rack, belt transmission, chain transmission and other linear transmission schemes, combined with the needs of this topic, the transmission scheme is adopted, as shown in Figure 2

figure 2

1) ball screw nut pair

ball screw nut pair has many advantages: high transmission efficiency, high sensitivity, stable transmission, small wear and long service life; It can eliminate axial clearance and improve axial stiffness. Ball screw nut drive is widely used in the feed transmission system of small and medium-sized CNC machine tools. In the short stroke feeding system of Heavy CNC machine tools(

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