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Three highlights of Chinatelecom cloud Expo the largest cloud computing Park in Asia was put into operation on August 16, 2013 China (Hohhot) International cloud computing Expo opened in Hohhot. At this exhibition, Chinatelecom focused on sharing wisdom and creating the future through cloud. Inner Mongolia cloud base, Tianyi cloud host and e-commerce platform became the three highlights. During the cloud Expo, Chinatelecom also held the Inner Mongolia cloud base The launch of the cloud business conference and the operation of Asia's largest cloud computing Park marked a new stage for Chinatelecom's cloud computing services

a total of more than 200 guests attended the official external service conference of Chinatelecom Inner Mongolia cloud base, including pan Yiyang, vice chairman of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Wang Xiaochu, chairman of Chinatelecom group, Yang Jie, general manager, and Gao Tongqing, deputy general manager, leaders of relevant ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of education, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of communications, the Ministry of public security, the National Bureau of statistics, and the National Information Center, as well as Robin Lee, CEO of Baidu, Ding Lei, CEO of Yi, and other Internet industry leaders

Yang Jie, general manager of Chinatelecom, said at the press conference that telecom operators play an important role in the cloud computing industry chain. Inner Mongolia cloud base, as the northern core of Chinatelecom's full 4+2 cloud computing data center layout, will set a benchmark for the intensive operation of Chinatelecom Internet Data Center (IDC) on this basis, and will be a bearing place for the integrated platform of government and industry customers. Through years of efforts, Inner Mongolia cloud base will be built into the largest cloud service base in China and the largest Internet data convergence in the Asia Pacific

Yang Jie, general manager of Chinatelecom

Yang Jie, general manager of Chinatelecom, and Ding Lei, CEO of Yi

Robin Lee, CEO of Baidu, made a speech as the first representatives to settle in Chinatelecom's Inner Mongolia cloud base. When Chinatelecom made a commitment to Baidu to deliver the data center with 40 days of low external dependence of China's finished paper in April last year, baidu also expressed doubts about this. However, Chinatelecom not only delivered in advance, Robin Lee is very satisfied with the quality of the project. This benefits from the joint efforts of both sides

At the press conference of Baidu CEO Robin Lee, Chinatelecom also signed cloud business cooperation agreements or cloud computing strategic framework agreements with 9 institutions, including Xinhua life insurance, China CITIC Corporation, the National Open University, Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Commission, the Sixth Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, Sogou, Sina, Qihoo, and Peapod

as the first cloud base put into operation in Inner Mongolia China Cloud Valley, Chinatelecom Inner Mongolia cloud base has attracted much attention. The base covers an area of 1500 mu, with a total construction area of 1.006 million square meters. It is implemented in two stages: the short term (2012 ~ 2013) and the long term (2014 ~ 2016). With a design capacity of 42 machine buildings, more than 100000 racks and a cloud hosting capacity of 2million servers, it is currently the largest cloud computing Park in Asia

it is reported that the three major domestic telecom operators have established cloud bases in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and Chinatelecom cloud base is the first cloud computing base designed, started and operated. Wang Feng, general manager of Chinatelecom cloud computing company, said that the park was built according to the principles of high standards, low energy consumption and characteristics, and reached the global leading level in pue (battery efficiency)

as the core product of basic resource services, Tianyi virtual machine is a computing resource service that Chinatelecom provides customers with on-demand rental. Chinatelecom has formed a full 4+2 cloud computing data center layout based on the operation advantages of basic resources (4 refers to the four cloud resource pools in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu, and 2 refers to the two north-south cores in Hohhot and Guiyang). Through the cloud computing management platform independently developed by Chinatelecom, customers can easily apply for host/storage/network resources, manage resources and perform this experiment. The performance meets the requirements of ASTM standard B611 (15) method, monitor and quickly deploy applications, dynamically adjust rental resources according to needs, and enjoy safe and reliable backup services at the same time

Tianyi cloud e-commerce platform is an aggregation platform developed by Chinatelecom for the business characteristics of cloud computing services based on Internet. It is positioned in the cloud business. Through this platform, customers can easily realize the ordering of cloud computing products and other services to meet the it needs of all kinds of users. It is reported that in the future, the platform will integrate mainstream cloud computing products, and Shaanxi Huaze will invest 10million yuan in cash with developers, social channels and partners to provide customers with comprehensive and high-quality cloud computing services to achieve win-win cooperation

according to International Data Corporation (IDC), China's cloud computing market is growing rapidly. In 2013, the scale of cloud service market will reach US $1.83 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 52.5%. By 2016, the market scale of cloud infrastructure alone will exceed US $1billion

Wang Feng called cloud computing an emerging market without a ceiling, and good service has become his core of leadership for cloud computing companies. Taking the government and enterprise customers stationed in Chinatelecom Inner Mongolia cloud base as an example, the base will provide talent apartments, office supporting services, transportation logistics, property management and other supporting services, as well as extended services such as operation and maintenance outsourcing, on-site monitoring, on-site implementation, spare parts, media storage, consulting and so on. The goal of Chinatelecom is to provide satisfactory service to every customer who enters the cloud base in Inner Mongolia

in order to better segment customers, Chinatelecom plans Inner Mongolia cloud base as a six category main hall. Internet hall, industry hall, local hall, comprehensive hall, China Telecom hall and capacity resale hall. Among them, the Internet promotes the construction of the manufacturing innovation center, which brings together domestic mainstream Internet enterprises. Customers in finance, government and other industries will get a better service experience in the industry hall. Local halls gather customers in key regions, while the comprehensive hall allows small and medium-sized customers to share the achievements brought by the development of cloud computing. China Telecom hall will be the gathering place of cloud computing innovation services, and the ability resale hall will provide high-quality services for IDC service providers

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