How can cold chain logistics stand the baking test

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How can cold chain logistics withstand the "baking" test in hot summer

with the arrival of hot summer, fresh products appear in the purchase list of more and more people. How to send fresh products to customers' homes in time is a problem that sellers are committed to solving. With the entry of tmall, and other big e-commerce companies into the fresh food industry, the domestic fresh food cold chain logistics distribution system began to enter the rapid construction stage

the requirements of cold chain logistics are relatively high. Refrigerated and frozen food need a complete cold chain logistics to control the temperature of the goods in the whole process to ensure food safety. A complete refrigerated food supply chain is an indispensable element of food safety

Cold chain logistics has become a very important part of modern logistics system. For cold chain logistics, the core and key part is cold chain transportation, which to a large extent determines the quality and safety of cold chain goods. For cold chain transportation, the most critical is the control of cold storage temperature. At present, the cold chain transportation control system mainly involves the following parts:

1 The temperature control system based on professional computer system, and uses RFID technology for real-time temperature sensing

2. Based on GIS technology, realize the visual monitoring of positioning cold chain vehicles, carry out dynamic management, and reasonably select transportation routes

3. Control the loading capacity of cold chain car and manage multi temperature transportation

as a leading brand in the industrial computer industry and a time-honored enterprise for more than 20 years, North China industrial control has built an embedded industrial computer bis-6660b that can meet the requirements of the cold chain transportation control system for the control host based on market research, with the following unique advantages:

1 Based on Intel sandy bridge/ivy Bridge Core i3/i5/i7 Celeron series processors, it has high performance and low power consumption, and can efficiently process a large number of returned temperature control and equipment monitoring data

2. The new fan free wide temperature heat dissipation ice fin structure, the unique ice fin heat dissipation structure design of North China industrial control, and the real fan free solution

3. Support WiFi and 3G network expansion, which can meet the communication requirements between the cold chain car and the backstage management center

4. Rich i/o interfaces facilitate the multi screen display of the cold chain transportation control management system

5. It adopts three-dimensional hard disk shock absorption and comprehensive reliability design to adapt to various harsh working environments. The expansion rubber has strong expansibility, all aluminum chassis, compact structure and flexible installation. It has obtained more than ten national patented technologies

6. With modular design, it has strong scalability, and the core technology can be easily extended. At the same time, it provides users with rich and powerful function expansion interfaces, which can help users realize perfect applications in smart home, intelligent transportation, retail, POS made of nylon 66 materials compared with ordinary nylon 66 materials, IVI intelligent automobile information entertainment system, and other intelligent IOT fields

North China industrial control new generation ice wing Low-Power Embedded quasi system

excellent cold chain transportation system and technical support can make everyone eat seasonal, fresh and reassuring goods. North China industrial control uses high-quality industrial computer hardware products to help cold chain logistics and provide technical support for reliable and efficient cold chain transportation. For more product information, please pay attention to North China Industrial Control Officer:

Introduction to North China industrial control:

North China industrial control, the leader in the field of industrial control computers. The specialty is deep, especially the Angang plate and Fengbao pipe industry, which have been well-known in the surrounding provinces and cities for more than 20 years. Through years of development, they have become the first-line leading brands with great market influence and brand appeal at home and abroad. Because of concentration, it is professional. All the time, North China industrial control adheres to the dedicated attitude and professional spirit, takes innovation as the driving force and quality as the lifeline, and has created a series of high-quality and high-tech industrial computer products

at present, the main product series of North China industrial control include: Industrial CPU card, embedded industrial motherboard, embedded quasi system, industrial chassis, integrated workstation, industrial tablet computer (PPC), network security quasi system, disk array, passive backplane, industrial power supply, due to the small risk of establishing a regenerated plastic granule factory, industrial computer accessories, etc

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