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How can China's shipbuilding industry achieve breakthrough in the depressed situation? How can China's shipbuilding industry achieve breakthrough in the depressed situation? Introduction: on May 24, *st Phoenix announced that it received the ruling of Wuhan Maritime Court on May 22, and Wuhan Branch of China Minsheng Bank Co., Ltd. filed an application for pre litigation property preservation, Request to freeze the bank deposit of 424.2 million yuan of the respondent *st Phoenix Co., Ltd., or seal up and distrain its equivalent property

on May 24, *st Phoenix announced that it had received the ruling of Wuhan Maritime Court on May 22, and China Minsheng Bank Co., Ltd. Wuhan Branch filed an application for pre litigation property preservation, requiring the respondent *st Phoenix Co., Ltd. to freeze the bank deposit of 424.2 million yuan, or seal up and detain its equivalent property

in less than a month, *st Phoenix, which has suffered losses for four consecutive years and has a debt ratio of 111.4%, was successively sued by five banks, including Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and China Merchants Bank, to carry out planned energy-saving transformation of the original buildings, and the amount of principal and interest recovered exceeded 1.8 billion yuan

orders and prepayments decreased

in fact, *st Phoenix is only one of the epitomes of the development of China's shipbuilding industry. Up to now, the shipbuilding industry is still unable to get out of the downturn. Market participants pointed out that the main reason for the downturn in the shipbuilding industry was the decline in the number of orders

at present, the world shipping industry is in an overall downturn, and the shipbuilding industry has fallen into a trough. In 2012, the three major indicators of global shipbuilding completion, new ship orders and hand-held ship orders fell comprehensively, with a year-on-year decrease of 13.1%, 32.5% and 25.6% respectively. Take Jiangsu Province, a major shipbuilding Province, as an example. In 2012, the three major indicators of shipbuilding in Jiangsu Province decreased by 20.6%, 61.7% and 21.4% year-on-year respectively

however, since this year, the global shipping industry has slowly warmed up. From January to March, the three major indicators of China's shipbuilding industry have increased and decreased. The number of completed shipbuilding and the number of hand-held ship orders have decreased by 15.6% and 24.6% respectively year-on-year, but the number of new ship orders has increased significantly by 71.1% year-on-year

Caijianming, a researcher in the transportation industry of CIC, said that the prosperity of the shipbuilding industry is closely related to the prosperity of the shipping industry. At present, the situation of excess supply and insufficient demand in the shipping industry is still serious. Most shipping enterprises are reducing transport capacity one after another, and naturally will not increase efforts to order new ships. For small and medium-sized shipbuilding enterprises, their competitive strength is lower, and it is more difficult to obtain new ship manufacturing orders from shipping businesses

"not taking orders is" waiting for death ", while taking orders is" chronic suicide " Some insiders pointed out that with the continuous decline of ship prices, ship prices have seriously deviated from the value, and shipbuilding enterprises have almost no profits or even losses

at present, many Chinese shipyards have tempted ship owners to place orders by extremely reducing the proportion of advance payment. It is reported that Jinhai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. recently signed 2 + 2 180000dwt bulk carriers from anonymous owners. According to the contract, the price of each ship is about US $45million. The advance payment is paid in two times, and the advance payment paid first only accounts for about 2.5% of the ship price

according to the brokerage industry, the two ships to be built by Jinhai heavy industry will not start until the second quarter of 2014 according to the company's construction schedule. In this case, the owner plans to pay an advance payment of 7.5% of the ship price at the beginning of ship construction. Some analysts pointed out that the proportion of such advance payment is only the same as the deposit level to be paid to ensure the option of the shipyard slot

is recovery possible

nevertheless, data show that the global shipping market this year may be slightly better than that in 2012, and the world's new ship orders are expected to reach 60. When a robot leaves the world, it will be between million and 75 million dwt. Recently, it is reported that Greek Shipowners have recently signed an agreement with Chinese shipbuilding enterprises to build 142 new ships. Such large orders have given Chinese shipbuilding enterprises hope

at present, 60% of China's imported oil and nearly 50% of ordinary imported goods are transported by Greek Shipowners every year. Greek shipping minister musululis believes that in the next decade, China will not only maintain the status of the world's most important exporter, but also become an increasingly important importer. "The new ship orders of Greek Shipowners are an investment for the future"

According to Wang Qi, general manager of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Greece has become an "important customer" of Chinese shipbuilding enterprises. As one of the largest shipbuilding enterprises in China, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding has built 67 ships for Greek Shipowners in recent years, accounting for nearly 30% of the company's total ship production

according to the "economic operation of the shipbuilding industry from January to April 2013" published by the China Shipbuilding Industry Association, from January to April 2013, the national shipbuilding industry undertook 11.57 million dwt of new ship orders, an increase of 57% year-on-year, and 10.57 million dwt of export ship orders, an increase of 89.4% year-on-year

however, zhangguangqin, President of the China Shipbuilding Industry Association, said recently that this does not mean the recovery of the shipbuilding industry. The general trend of the downturn in the shipping industry has not changed. At present, the number of new orders is still very low, especially the current situation of the shutdown of small and medium-sized shipbuilding enterprises has not eased

with regard to the rise in the number of new orders received from January to April 2013 and the continuous rise in the total export value, Zhang Guangqin believes that in addition to the low order volume in 2012, the current ship price has fallen to a relatively low level, and some ship owners are copying the bottom

according to the analysis of the industry, the recovery time of the shipping market of crude oil ships has been postponed for days. At the beginning, experts predicted that the market situation might recover by 2014-2015, but recently, more experts also estimated that the market situation would be difficult to recover by 2016. In particular, 3. Before the bellows ring stiffness testing machine is started, the overcapacity of VLCC and other original oil tanker fields is particularly serious compared with other fields. Therefore, if new orders continue to increase, the recovery in this field may take longer

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