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How to transform the comprehensive energy services in the power industry to seize the trillion market

original title: how to transform the comprehensive energy services in the power industry to seize the trillion market

with the global trend of energy enterprises' transformation from production-oriented to service-oriented, domestic energy enterprises have also set off an upsurge of transformation and development to comprehensive energy services

at present, many domestic oil and gas enterprises, energy conservation and environmental protection enterprises, equipment manufacturers, large heating groups, information and communication, power sales companies and other enterprises have explored experience in integrated energy services, or are eager to try, and new formats, new models and new practices of the integrated energy service market are emerging

overweight integrated energy services

in recent years, power enterprises have accelerated the transformation from traditional energy suppliers to integrated energy service providers. In particular, represented by Guodian, Nanfang power and Huadian Group, the power industry is "overweight" in comprehensive energy services

national power

national power began to explore the comprehensive energy service business in 2012. National Energy Conservation Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "national energy conservation") was established in December 2012. At the beginning of its establishment, national energy conservation was positioned as a comprehensive energy service provider, and now it has four business segments: comprehensive development and utilization of clean energy, energy conservation services, electric energy substitution, and international energy development

in 2017, state power issued the "opinions on developing integrated energy service business in provincial companies", which opened the road to transformation to integrated energy service providers, requiring provincial companies to take integrated energy services as their main business. State energy conservation should play a leading role in the development of integrated energy service business in the company system, and strengthen the coordination with provincial companies, Handle the relationship between the demonstration and guidance of major projects and the implementation of universal service territories

in October, 2018, the State Grid Corporation of China issued the opinions of the State Grid Corporation of China on carrying out integrated energy service business in provincial companies, which clearly takes integrated energy service as the main business, takes integrated energy service business as a new profit growth point, cultivates new market conditions, turns from selling electricity to selling services, and improves the market competitiveness of the company. According to statistics, in 2018, Guodian has established 26 provincial-level comprehensive energy service companies, implemented 2943 comprehensive energy service projects throughout the year, and achieved a comprehensive energy business revenue of 5.1 billion yuan, an increase of 167% year-on-year

at the beginning of 2019, State Grid issued the 2019-2020 action plan for promoting the development of integrated energy services business, which clearly proposed to lay out four key business areas: integrated energy efficiency services, multi-function services for cooling, heating and power supply, distributed clean energy services and exclusive electric vehicle services. In 2019 and 2020, the business income of integrated energy services will be 9.5 billion yuan and 19 billion yuan respectively

on January 15 this year, China energy conservation officially changed its name to China Integrated Energy Services Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China integrated energy services group"). In the same month, the national comprehensive energy service group became the second largest comprehensive energy service company in Jiangsu Province through the mixed reform. The official of the national comprehensive energy service group said that the renaming is conducive to clarifying the working interface of the national comprehensive energy service group and building a link with the business of the provincial comprehensive energy service company, "the interface should not be inspected with a aiming telescope, and the reflecting surface should be smooth, clear, with different emphasis, and coordinated development"

according to the strategic plan of the State Grid Corporation of China, the national integrated energy service business will achieve a revenue of 80billion yuan in 2025 and become the main driver of the industry. In 2030, the revenue will exceed 300billion yuan and become the demonstration leader of the integrated energy service industry. Focusing on the four key areas of comprehensive energy efficiency services, multi energy supply services, clean energy services and emerging energy services, we will build a "quasi collectivization" business cooperation system for comprehensive energy services, rely on the provincial comprehensive energy services company and the national comprehensive energy services group to form a collaborative and efficient market development body and business empowerment body, and rely on the scientific research and industrial units affiliated to the company to establish a support system for technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, and financial services, Form a "2+3" business development layout

Southern Power

the subordinate enterprises of southern power, which is in a leading position in the field of integrated energy services, are mainly Guangdong Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong power") and Southern Power Integrated Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Southern Energy Company")

as early as 2010, southern power established Southern Energy Company to carry out comprehensive energy service business. South energy company is committed to building a comprehensive energy service system covering energy production, transmission and consumption, and creating a green platform to serve economic and social development. At present, it has built a large number of large-scale demonstration projects with global and national influence to provide customers with a package of comprehensive energy utilization solutions. It has developed into the country's largest roof distributed photovoltaic investment operator, and is the country's leading industrial energy conservation, building energy conservation Lighting energy saving service provider. At present, southern power is actively promoting the listing of Southern Energy Company

at the beginning of 2017, Guangdong electric power has successively established Guangdong electric energy investment company and Guangdong electric energy technology company as investment, technical support and product research and development platforms for the integrated energy sector, providing strong support for the development of integrated energy business. In March, 2018, Guangdong power took the lead in completing the establishment of 19 comprehensive energy service companies of prefecture and municipal power supply bureaus in the southern system, making the comprehensive energy business a prefecture and municipal undertaking entity. In May, 2018, Guangdong power issued the guiding opinions on accelerating the development of integrated energy business (2018 Revision), followed by the introduction of the competitive business development action plan of Guangdong Power Co., Ltd. in August, which completed its top-level design and made it clear that it was necessary to build an integrated energy service system. In April 2019, Guangdong electric energy investment company readjusted its industrial layout in order to develop in a staggered manner with Southern Energy Company

at the beginning of 2019, the inventory of Nanfang power fell from the original two months to seven days. The company issued the notice on clarifying matters related to the development of the company's integrated energy services, which clearly stated that it would "further clarify the development priorities and business interfaces of integrated energy services, provide customers with diversified integrated energy supply and value-added services, and support the company's transformation to an energy industry value chain integrator", It has milestone significance

Huadian Group

in May 2019, Huadian Group released the action plan for the comprehensive energy service business of China Power Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "action plan"). This is the first time that domestic enterprises of the same type have released such plans. According to the action plan, Huadian Group will gradually complete the three major tasks of accelerating the layout of integrated energy service business, building an "Internet + +" integrated energy service platform, and improving the support capacity of integrated energy service business in accordance with the three stages of "pilot first, comprehensive promotion, and leading improvement". A number of comprehensive energy service projects will be completed by 2020, and the sales revenue will reach 30billion yuan; Strive to become a major domestic comprehensive energy service provider by 2025, with a sales revenue of 50billion yuan; In 2035, it will become a world-class comprehensive energy service provider with a sales revenue of 100billion yuan

to this end, Huadian Group will carry out layout in six areas, including the construction of a national clean energy demonstration zone with complementary water, wind and storage, and the construction of a multi energy complementary clean energy base; Provide multi energy local supply based on natural gas combined cooling, heating and power supply, and multi energy supply in the construction area; Carry out distributed photovoltaic and decentralized wind power projects, and develop distributed renewable energy supply; Carry out electricity and heat sales services, and provide comprehensive energy efficiency services such as energy retail services; Carry out energy trading services such as power trading and carbon trading, as well as equipment sales and operation and maintenance services

find the right position and seize the trillion market

with the continuous deepening of the reform of the market-oriented system and mechanism of the energy industry, and the continuous integration and development of new energy technologies such as smart electricity, new energy and terminal energy electrification with the new generation of information and communication technologies such as "the chemical composition of Dayun is sio2nh2o smart chain", the industry has given very optimistic expectations for the development prospect of the integrated energy service industry

it is estimated that China's comprehensive energy service industry will enter a rapid growth period in, and the market potential will increase from 0 6 trillion yuan to 0 2 trillion yuan; By 2035, the development of China's comprehensive energy industry will enter a mature period, and the market potential can reach 1 8 trillion yuan

integrated energy services have become the main direction of transformation of relevant enterprises, which has become the consensus in the industry. The integrated energy service market is not only the entrance for non power enterprises to enter the power market, but also the export for power enterprises to enter the non power market

in the face of trillion emerging markets, if you want to transform into an integrated energy service provider and share the cake, first understand which players are in the current market

according to the analysis of Feng Hongli, an energy researcher at the energy information research center of media group, the enterprises carrying out comprehensive energy services are mainly divided into three echelons:

the first echelon is the leader, mainly including national power and southern power. As the comprehensive energy service is a new business form, at present, this kind of project is not economical and has huge investment. Only the two major power companies, which are large and well funded, are able to carry out the comprehensive energy service business at little cost in order to increase new profit growth points in the face of the severe situation of power reform

the second tier is the follower, mainly including "five major power generation" and "four small giants". This kind of power generation enterprises are more rational, and the biggest feature is to wait and see. As long as their predecessors have successful projects, they will immediately follow up, actively enter, and quickly promote the projects

the third tier is an active participant, mainly private new energy companies, such as GCL, ENN, etc. the enterprise operation adjustment is relatively flexible, and the response speed to the new market is faster. These enterprises are slightly weaker than state-owned energy enterprises in terms of capital strength, but they have early experience in new energy operation and have a certain accumulation and foundation. They can enter the field of comprehensive energy services by cooperating with power enterprises, or by arranging subdivisions such as power sales, incremental distribution, energy storage, charging piles, etc. in advance

the integrated energy service market is in the ascendant. At present, there is no market participant with professional segmentation, but in the long run, the trend of specialization in the field of integrated energy services will be more obvious. Yu Qing, chairman of Hangzhou Shuyuan Power Technology Co., Ltd., believes that the future integrated energy service companies can be divided into financial investment, engineering service, operation service There are four main types of platform service

financial investment type: such integrated energy companies focus on providing financial and investment related services, such as project investment, equipment leasing, financing, engineering or equipment, asset securitization and other businesses. The core competitiveness of such integrated energy companies is financing capacity; Second, investment management ability. At present, the comprehensive energy service companies subordinate to the power company are more financial investment energy service companies

engineering service type: the energy service company that provides engineering project services for investors belongs to engineering service type. Including survey and design, civil engineering installation, electromechanical installation, engineering commissioning, EPC, etc. The positioning of electric power design institutes and traditional engineering EPC companies in the integrated energy service market will be closer to this

operation service type: the operation service provider is similar to the property company, and the equipment complexity and system complexity of the comprehensive energy service are high, which requires more professional operation and maintenance services to improve customer satisfaction and ensure the receipt of energy

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