How bright is the hottest 1000w1600w LED light

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1000W, 160 transformation to high-end diversification, how bright are 0W LED lights? Let's feel

it's better to find a machine clothes to light up and weave when not in use, and then take you to see it: this handmade emperor rctestlight claims to be a lamp made by hand at home: "the light efficiency of LED lamp is 8 times that of ordinary incandescent bulb. To make the brightest and brightest lamp, it must be led bulb."

he fixed 10 100W LED bulbs in a row, and each large LED bulb was driven independently. He also used a lot of heat-conducting silicone grease to reduce the risk of being burned out...

finally, this group of lamps add up to a total of 1000W power, 90000 lumens with the progress of science and technology

let's see. After the light is turned on, let's try the 1000W LED light panel on the UAV

the transformed UAV can illuminate the whole hillside or yard, and can also provide sufficient lighting for buildings and targets on the ground at night

the transformed high brightness UAV is most suitable for lighting places beyond human reach. At the same time, special operations such as search and rescue and night rescue are very suitable for this UAV to play its role

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