How can China's new energy industry lead the world

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The "short board" does not exclude China's new energy production. How can the vibration amplitude industry that changes the output of hydraulic cylinders lead the world

Abstract: the 2017 "government work report" included the "blue sky defense battle", so it can be imagined that in the "13th five year plan" period and beyond, the development of renewable energy will be raised to a higher level, and its proportion in China's energy system will further increase

although China is developing rapidly in the field of new energy, and some industries have a considerable scale, there is still a big gap compared with developed countries. There are many shortcomings in China's new energy industry. If these shortcomings are not eliminated, it may be difficult for China's new energy industry to truly reach the world's leading position

recently, the United Nations Environment Programme released a report entitled "2017 global renewable energy investment trends", which was jointly released by the United Nations Environment Programme, Frankfurt college and Bloomberg new energy finance. According to the report, wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy, waste energy, geothermal energy, small hydropower and marine energy increased the global power production capacity by 138 gigawatts in 2016, an increase of 8% over the previous year, and the increased power generation is equivalent to the sum of the 16 largest power generation facilities in the world. The research report pointed out that with the continuous decline in the cost of clean technology, although the investment in this field decreased by 23% in 2016 compared with the previous year, the global renewable energy capacity hit a record high that year. Therefore, the importance of developing renewable energy can be seen

many countries in the world are investing in new energy, and China's investment in the field of new energy in recent years can be said to be superior to others. The Institute of energy economics and financial analysis recently released a report that in 2015, China's new energy investment reached 102.9 billion US dollars, accounting for 1/3 of the total global investment. In 2016, China's overseas investment in new energy increased by 60% year-on-year to US $32billion

China's development of renewable energy is mainly from the perspective of ensuring energy security and promoting sustainable economic and social development. With the development of economy and society, renewable energy has been given new missions such as energy conservation and emission reduction, greenhouse gas emission control and air pollution prevention and control. In China's 13th five year plan for renewable energy development, it is clear that the new investment in renewable energy during the 13th Five Year Plan period will reach 2.5 trillion yuan, an increase of nearly 39% over the 12th Five Year Plan. The 2017 government work report included the "blue sky defense campaign", so it can be imagined that in the "13th five year plan" period and beyond, the development of renewable energy will be raised to a higher level, and its proportion in China's energy system will further increase

it is obvious that China's new energy industry is developing rapidly today, but there are still many shortcomings, such as high input and low output, immature domestic market, serious external dependence on core technology, and so on

first of all, the problem of high input and low output is serious. After all, new energy is a new thing in the energy field. In the early stage of development, there must be disadvantages in technology, scale and so on. Compared with traditional energy, new energy technology is relatively complex and the overall scale is relatively small, so the unit investment cost is not comparable. Assuming that the cost of coal-fired power generation is 1, the cost of nuclear power generation is slightly higher than that of coal-fired power, the cost of biomass power generation is 1.5, the cost of wind power generation is 1.7, and the cost of solar photovoltaic power generation is even more than 10 times that of coal-fired power generation. Although the installed capacity of wind power and solar energy under construction in China leads the world, in the field of wind power, the average utilization rate of wind turbines in China is only 20%, significantly lower than the international average level of 25% - 30%

secondly, the domestic market is immature. Although the government has issued a series of policies to support the development of new energy in recent years, China's new energy market is still concentrated overseas, and the maturity of the domestic market is low, so it can not form a reaction to promote the development of new energy. It is reported that in 2012, China's photovoltaic capacity accounted for 80% of the application life and accuracy of equipment that can also be improved in the world, while the domestic photovoltaic market accounted for less than 1% of the world. The imbalance between supply and demand can be seen

thirdly, the core technology is heavily dependent on foreign countries. Compared with developed countries, China's new energy industry started relatively late, with weak basic research, relatively low innovation ability, unstable product quality, and unable to meet high-end demand. The hollowing out of core technology has become increasingly prominent in the rapid development of new energy in China. Failure to master core technology will be controlled by others, which will limit the upgrading of China's new energy industry in the future

in addition, it is understood that China's new energy industry is also facing problems such as an imperfect industrial system, the coexistence of overcapacity and shortage, imperfect supporting facilities, and incomplete policies and regulations

in order to promote the healthy development of China's new energy industry and even achieve the broader goal of "making China's new energy industry lead the world", we must focus on solving existing problems

first, the production cost of new energy must be reduced. At present, the development of domestic new energy industry mainly depends on government policy support. As a social problem, the promotion of new energy still depends on the market. In recent years, the government has proposed to implement mixed ownership in traditional monopoly industries, which is a favorable way to promote the industrialization and marketization of new energy. Only by giving full play to the regulatory role of the market can we reasonably and effectively reduce production costs

second, we must strengthen the research and development of core technologies to improve the competitiveness of workpieces that can be easily placed on the workbench. Although China's new energy industry started late, there are not many domestic new energy research institutions and personnel, but the distribution is relatively scattered, so it is necessary to integrate domestic resources in the field of new energy research, concentrate on overcoming core technologies, and occupy the commanding heights of industrial competition. The government should provide financial and material support for technology research and development

Thirdly, the domestic policy system should be improved as soon as possible, and the coordination mechanisms such as project approval, price mechanism and fund arrangement should be clearly stipulated. At the same time, the operation mechanisms such as competition mechanism, compensation mechanism and target mechanism should be established to promote the formulation and implementation of relevant policies and provide practical guarantee for the sustainable development of China's new energy

with the transformation and upgrading of global energy consumption, the future potential of the new energy industry is unlimited. New energy is not only the main force of China's non fossil energy, but also an important support for China's future energy transformation. It is true that China's new energy industry has developed very rapidly in recent years, but if China wants to truly become the leader of the global new energy industry, it cannot only focus on the size of the industry, but must focus on solving some practical problems that are actively promoting product trial production and restricting the strength of the industry

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