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A quick look at the six highlights of the 2019 international inspection and quarantine Expo (citte 2019)

the 2019 international inspection and quarantine Expo (citte 2019)

approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China, guided by the State Administration of market supervision and quarantine, and hosted by the China entry exit inspection and Quarantine Association, the "2019 international inspection and inspection technology and Equipment Expo" (hereinafter referred to as: citte, international inspection and quarantine Expo) will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on September, 2019

the battery built into your clothes will be much better than the bulky charger on these jeans. In order to facilitate the vast number of inspection and testing industry people to deeply understand and participate in the international inspection Expo, we hereby sort out the six highlights of the Expo

1. There are always 10 simultaneous academic conferences, and there are always

expositions you want to learn about. At the same time, the "2019 inspection and testing innovation and cooperation conference", "China food safety and food testing technology forum", "2019 China smart Laboratory innovation and Development Forum", "2019 laboratory safety management and practical training conference", "forum on new hot issues in the field of inspection and testing" will be held "International exchange meeting on regulations and technology development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicles", "China International Forum on innovation and development of Metrology traceability and testing technology", "safety of dangerous chemicals in inspection and testing laboratories", "analytical instruments and their innovative applications in the field of inspection and testing", "2019 Forum on dangerous goods inspection and air transport safety", and other 10 academic conferences

the rich concurrent meetings and representatives from various subdivisions of inspection and testing will bring multiple perspectives to the industry. Although the waste paper import volume in 2018 decreased by 34%, the industry interpretation will provide an ideal opportunity for your industry system to expand the scope and depth of cognition

second, the inspection and testing industry high-quality platform, leading enterprises all appeared

citte is an important exchange event in the inspection and testing field held in China. It is an important window to display the new equipment, new technology and new solutions of inspection and testing in the world today. It is the core platform for Chinese and foreign enterprises to carry out technical exchanges and trade cooperation. Citte 2019, with the theme of "accurate detection, standard escort and quality improvement", focuses on the display of testing instruments and equipment, analytical reagent consumables, testing and measurement standards, quality system construction, information system construction, laboratory design planning, and promoting the overall improvement of the stability and accuracy of domestic scientific instruments

as an authoritative event in the field of inspection and testing in China, the international inspection Expo has received strong support from hundreds of enterprises in the industry, invited nearly 100 guests at home and abroad to deliver keynote speeches, and attracted thousands of participants. Among all the participating enterprises, China Academy of metrology, Intertek, Agilent, ebender, Shimadzu, Anton Paar, Tongbiao, China Inspection Group, Thermo Fisher and other industry authoritative units all appeared

III. inspection and testing innovation and cooperation conference, the annual grand ceremony worth looking forward to

the Expo will hold the "branch member conference of import and export commodity inspection and identification institutions" at the same time. The conference invited heavyweight experts at home and abroad, such as the research center of the Ministry of Commerce, investment institutions, laboratory management and research institutions, third-party inspection institutions, as keynote guests, and opened a forum on new hot issues in the field of inspection and testing. Nearly 100 units including CIIC group, civics, BV, CTI testing, Boni, unison, Huaxia Lihong, hansman, Zoomlion, Sinochem inspection, Bureau Veritas, Intertek, xigaoyuan, China Inspection Co., Ltd. attended the event

IV. SGS shares supplier management and carries out on-site supply and demand docking activities

the "2019 inspection and testing innovation and cooperation conference" has invited the heavyweight mysterious guests of SGS standard technical services Co., Ltd. (SGS) to share the "supplier management" keynote speech on site, and hold the "SGS supplier and purchaser docking activities" while passing on knowledge and experience, which contains broad cooperation opportunities

as we all know, SGS group is a global leader and innovator in inspection, identification, testing and certification services, and is recognized as the highest standard of professionalism, quality and integrity in the industry. In 1991, SGS group came to China and established 26 branches, more than 20 technologically leading laboratories and nearly 15000 well-trained staff teams to provide customers with "package" solutions and "one-stop" services. This SGS supplier and purchaser docking activity has built a broad negotiation platform for the majority of international buyers and mall suppliers. Through one-on-one communication, we can communicate accurately and efficiently to promote substantive transactions

v. Sign MoU with tic Council

"tic" -council is an international non-profit organization committed to promoting the cooperation between inspection institutions, laboratories and related industries worldwide, and has considerable influence in the field of global inspection and testing

during the "international inspection Expo", tic will hold a MOU with the China entry exit inspection and Quarantine Association to lay the foundation for the association to carry out international cooperation, which is conducive to promoting the internationalization of the brands of Chinese inspection institutions, promoting the cooperation between international inspection industry organizations, promoting the internationalization process of the inspection market, and further promoting the fair development of the international inspection, testing and certification industry

VI. China International Forum on Metrology traceability and testing technology innovation and development

"international inspection Expo" will also hold the "China International Forum on Metrology traceability and testing technology innovation and development" at the same time, which provides a special, professional and exclusive forum for discussing international hot issues in the inspection and testing industry, focusing on industry metrology traceability and testing technology innovation, and providing a deep perspective on the development trend of China's inspection and testing industry, Jointly promote the rapid and healthy development of China's inspection and testing industry

2019 international inspection Expo is expected to be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on September, 2019. People from all walks of life are warmly welcome to visit the exhibition site and participate in the 10 simultaneous forums held at the same time. More wonderful, please experience on site

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