How can China achieve energy independence when the

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How can China achieve energy independence when the energy revolution is going on

large countries can generally solve the problems of energy independence and energy security according to local conditions. At present, the United States and Russia rely mainly on oil and gas, assist renewable energy to meet their energy needs, and export some oil and gas to earn foreign exchange. The proven coal resources of the United States and Russia are richer than those of China. Due to their serious pollution, the proportion of coal consumption in the total energy consumption is low

small countries in Europe, such as Denmark, strategically give up heavily polluting coal and oil as the main energy source. The whole country and people choose local renewable energy as the preferred direction of energy strategic development. Danish oil sells its oil assets and focuses on developing offshore wind power business. Offshore wind power alone can meet more than 40% of Denmark's power demand

China is also vast in territory and resources, but it has a large population, and the population density per unit area is much higher than that of the United States and Russia. At present, China takes seriously polluted coal as the main energy, with oil imports exceeding 70%, and natural gas imports also increasing significantly. This energy structure not only seriously pollutes China, but also poses a serious problem of energy security

with the help of the energy revolution, if China can give full play to China's local resources such as wind power, photovoltaic, hydropower, biomass thermoelectricity, garbage thermoelectricity, nuclear power above the surface, as well as geothermal, natural gas, oil, coal below the surface, while vigorously developing building energy conservation and improving energy efficiency, it will not only solve the problem of energy security, Moreover, it can also solve the problem of energy independence. The resolution of deformation measurement of the experimental machine refers to the minimum measurable accuracy of the measurement data of the photoelectric encoder of the experimental machine, and ensure energy security and independence through the energy revolution

China should make up its mind to establish the leading position of renewable energy

although the development of renewable energy in China is growing rapidly, its share in the energy structure is still low

the roofs of many cities are mostly idle, and there is no distributed photovoltaic. Although the rural areas are vigorously implementing photovoltaic poverty alleviation, compared with the total amount of rural areas, it is just starting

there is also less distributed low-speed wind power in China's fields, and there is still enough space to install low-speed fans and develop distributed wind power

due to limited power transmission and distribution capacity, insufficient high-quality gas peak shaving power plants, energy storage technology and small scale, the phenomenon of abandoning wind, light and water green renewable power often occurs, which greatly hinders the development of renewable energy such as centralized wind power and photovoltaic bar codes that encourage sensors to generate signals, making large areas of precious sparsely populated deserts, Gobi and sea areas idle, Unable to develop onshore wind power and photovoltaic power on a larger scale, as well as offshore wind power with great potential

a lot of urban garbage is still landfilled around the city, forming a passive situation of garbage besieging the city; Many rural and urban biomass resources have not been fully developed and utilized, and even the bad habit of burning straw in rural fields, which seriously pollutes the atmosphere and the environment, has emerged

geothermal resources that can meet clean heating without combustion, and ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps are just developing, with great potential and space

China's 18000 km long coastline still has a certain space to develop nuclear power

although hydropower has been well developed, there is still a certain potential to be tapped

most houses in China are hot in summer and cold in winter, which is very unenergy. High-intensity energy should be used for cooling in summer and heating in winter. If the state introduces policies to vigorously promote building energy conservation, new houses with long service life will no longer be approved if they are not passive buildings, and energy-saving reconstruction of existing houses can save a lot of energy, especially winter heating in northern areas, Burning fossil energy as little as possible to meet the demand is the wisest strategic arrangement

since China has such huge development space for all kinds of renewable energy above the surface, China should learn from Denmark and make up its mind to establish the leading position of green renewable energy in China's future energy development

the report of the 19th CPC National Congress clearly stated that China's policies and laws will support the development of low-carbon green energy in China. Cities are high-income population intensive areas and high-intensity energy consumption areas. At the same time, they are the carrier of people who yearn for fresh air, blue sky and white clouds most strongly and have the ability to pay. It is determined to take cities as the leading factor to formulate energy development plans, and give priority to the development and consumption of local renewable energy, The urban government is the first bearer and implementer of environmental and air pollution control. In combination with the level of urban economic development and economic structure, it balances urban development and environmental protection, and formulates the intensity of carbon tax collection according to local conditions

the development of various renewable energy sources in the city itself and the vast rural areas under its jurisdiction will increase its investment, output GDP, solve employment, increase taxes, and play a certain role in reducing the burden on the city to bear the high cost of renewable energy

after the integration and reorganization of state-owned energy companies, they should invest their profits in renewable energy

China's local renewable energy development. We cite several product exhibitions. It is far from enough to rely on private capital and state-owned power enterprises alone. At present, China's main suppliers of fossil energy, coal companies and oil companies, have not only produced major environmental pollution, but also made huge profits

the report of the 19th CPC National Congress clearly stated that the strategic reorganization of state-owned assets should be carried out, and the strategic reorganization of coal power integration, nuclear power integration and gas power integration should be carried out for state-owned energy companies. The highly planned internal resource allocation of energy companies is better than that of market competition. All major power companies have actively explored in the field of renewable energy development, and have gained some experience and talent accumulation. After the integrated reorganization, coal The profits obtained from oil, natural gas and nuclear power are strategically invested in the renewable energy field they are good at, and they are required to seriously implement the concept of low-carbon green development formulated at the 19th CPC National Congress. While vigorously developing renewable energy and meeting market demand, they are also required to formulate policies to reduce the production and consumption of fossil energy with heavy coal and oil pollution. Carbon tax policies will also promote the deep transformation of fossil energy companies

enterprises pursue profits. Only the Chinese people and governments at all levels reach a consensus that, like Denmark, it will establish the dominant position of green renewable energy in China's future energy development as a national policy. The strategically restructured state-owned coal power, nuclear power, gas and electricity integrated companies will lead energy companies of various natures to accelerate the development and consumption of various renewable energy in China

domestic oil and gas exploration should be given priority to obtaining overseas resources

China has a land area of 9.6 million square kilometers and a vast sea area. The investment and workload of oil and gas exploration and development are limited, and the density of exploration wells is far lower than that of the United States. Especially with the breakthrough of shale gas exploration technology, China's resource rich shale gas is fully supported by resources, which makes China's domestic natural gas production to a large level

before the discovery of Daqing Oilfield, China was considered to be an oil poor country; After China's crude oil output reached 200 million tons, with the rise of oil prices and the sharp increase in profits of oil companies, during the period of high oil prices, large-scale mergers and acquisitions of overseas oil assets, and huge losses after the oil price returned to the period of low prices. After all, the financial resources of any oil company are limited, and at the same time of crazy mergers and acquisitions at high oil prices, the exploration of domestic oil and gas resources in China is ignored and reduced

the output of overseas oil and gas fields is the same as the purchased oil and gas. During the war, it is difficult to transport back to China after the key channels are blocked, but this problem does not exist in China's domestic oil and gas fields. Therefore, the strategic value of China's domestic oil and gas field assets is much higher than overseas. While meeting China's oil and gas demand and reducing the external dependence of oil and gas, it can also drive China's GDP by investing in oil and gas field exploration and development, To solve the problem of employment of more oil workers in China, the Chinese government can also obtain more taxes

in order to find more oil and gas fields in China, we should allow the success rate of exploration to be lower than that abroad. After the discovery of oil and gas fields, we should reward meritorious personnel and encourage the Chinese oil army to explore and produce more oil and gas in China

whether China is really short of oil and gas or insufficient exploration investment is likely to be caused by fear of difficulties and cognitive limitations. Only Chinese oil companies can know through hard work that some oil companies internationalize for the sake of internationalization. This development concept should be changed and the leading position of increasing the investment in oil and gas exploration and development in China should be established

overseas imported energy should be inclined to natural gas

it takes time for the development of various renewable energy sources in China, and it also takes time for the exploration and development of domestic oil and gas fields in China to increase oil and gas production. Such a huge import of oil and natural gas will last for a long time, and may even increase. Only strategic diversification is the best strategic choice to ensure China's energy security

everything will develop and change, geopolitics will be more complex, and the relationship between countries will also change with the continuous development of China. If oil and gas resources are too dependent on a few countries, it may become a soft spot for China to be attacked. Only through strategic diversification, oil and gas will be continuously transported back to China from more countries and more land and sea routes, can China's energy be more secure

in view of the fact that urban vehicles and electric vehicles are the development direction, the engine powered by LNG is easier to meet the national six standards than refined oil. Long distance vehicles, heavy trucks and ships running between cities can gradually transition to LNG as the main power fuel. With the great development of the total natural gas resources, peak shaving capacity and pipeline transportation capacity, China has continuously changed coal to gas in many fields. China's coal consumption The total volume of transportation and production will be greatly reduced. More goods will be transported by rail and waterway according to the plan, and with the adjustment of economic structure, the high-intensity highway transportation of heavy and chemical goods will also be reduced. Therefore, in the future, China's demand for oil as a power fuel will be reduced. Burning one more cubic meter of gas in China is cleaner than burning one liter of oil

therefore, the imported energy outside China should be inclined to natural gas with lower carbon. The development of overseas international oil companies should focus on natural gas, and the purchase of overseas energy should focus on natural gas

establishing strategic diversification of overseas oil and gas resources and focusing on natural gas as China's national strategy will not only ensure China's energy security, but also help China win the blue sky defense war as soon as possible

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