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How can domestic enterprises cope with the resurgence of LED patent technology war

recently, Seoul semiconductor filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Fry's electronics, one of the few home appliance sellers in the United States who sells all kinds of LED TV products, in the federal court of eastern Texas. Seoul semiconductor pointed out that fry's e Hangxiao steel structure has established an agent model in key cities across the country in recent years, and the LED TV products being sold by electronics are suspected of infringing 15 patents related to the core process of Seoul semiconductor manufacturing LED backlight

these patented technologies cover LED backlight system, LED backlight lens, UCD technology, LED packaging, LED chip, LED semiconductor layer generation technology, etc. It is widely used in TV, notebook computer, tablet computer, monitor and other fields

LIU Chengmin, vice president of Seoul semiconductor IT business department, said that in order to prevent the proliferation of patent infringement products, Seoul semiconductor will conduct a careful investigation on the products of many international brands to confirm whether there is infringement. If it still fails to correct after putting forward the request to stop infringement, it will continue to take necessary legal measures against them

patent defense battle

in recent years, patent litigation cases in the LED industry have occurred frequently, and more and more manufacturers pay attention to safeguarding their rights and interests and enhancing their awareness of patent intellectual property protection. As a semiconductor manufacturer, Seoul semiconductor also actively launched the LED patent defense war and increased its determination to safeguard patent rights

on March 8, 2018, Seoul semiconductor and its subsidiary, Seoul weiaoshi, filed three patent infringement lawsuits against U.S. lighting companies and retailers in the U.S. Federal Court on the sale of products suspected of infringing the acrich technology it developed for the first time in the world, with a year-on-year increase of 8.0% in China's rubber and plastic products industry

on February 20, 2018, Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. announced that Seoul had won a complete victory in the patent invalidation lawsuit filed by the British patent court against Yiguang Electronics Industry Co., Ltd

on February 2, 2018, Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. filed a patent infringement lawsuit against the global electronic component distributor maize electronics and its Italian subsidiary for its sales of Yiguang LED products in Milan court, Italy

on April 13, 2017, Seoul semiconductor filed a lawsuit with the Dusseldorf District Court in Germany over the infringement of its high-power LED related patents by the global electronic component distributor mouser electronics

LIU Chengmin, vice president of Seoul semiconductor IT business department, said, "only when patents are respected, can young people and small and medium-sized enterprises continue to launch innovative products and a fair technology competition culture take root in the market."

it can be seen that the improvement of the awareness of rights protection of led enterprises is a good thing for the whole industry. Only when their own rights are properly protected, can they drive everyone's creative enthusiasm and bring vitality to the future development of this industry

behind the patent litigation

as a professional semiconductor manufacturer, Seoul semiconductor ranks among the top five in the global LED industry. At present, Seoul semiconductor has more than 10000 related patents in the semiconductor field. Its self-developed non encapsulated led, multi structure chip, DC AC drive acrich, UV sterilization and other four innovative technologies lead the development of the global LED field. In recent years, Seoul semiconductor has launched more than 50 patent wars in the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea and other places, and all of them ended in victory

in international competition, patent litigation is the most common means of competition, and the goal is to protect their own market interests. For example, Seoul semiconductor filed a patent infringement lawsuit and won the lawsuit, which can not only restrict competitors from entering the LED market, ensure the market share of its products, and thus obtain high monopoly benefits. It can also coerce the defendant to sign a patent license agreement, collect patent license fees or purchase its patent assets. Even if a settlement agreement cannot be reached with the defendant, it is possible to obtain the patent infringement compensation decided by the court

judging from the current global LED technology development pattern, the LED technology of Europe, America, Japan and South Korea is relatively advanced. Chinese enterprises have a short time to enter the LED market, the basic patents are relatively weak, and there is a lack of overall layout, which is still a certain gap compared with international semiconductor giants. Only by strengthening the awareness of patent rights and improving the ability of product research and innovation, can Chinese led enterprises be invincible in the future competition. For led enterprises, patent layout has a decisive impact on their future development and positioning

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after years of development, China's LED industry has begun to take shape and formed a relatively complete industrial chain. The gap between the key technology of industrial development and the international level is gradually narrowing. However, due to the late start of the domestic LED industry, the accumulation of intellectual property rights is relatively weak. Many enterprises' patent intellectual property rights are even obtained through purchase authorization, rather than through talent training and R & D investment. European and American countries started earlier in this field, focusing on R & D and product innovation, and their R & D strength is generally strong, and they have accumulated a large number of basic patents early. Therefore, domestic led enterprises are obviously in a weak position under such conditions

for domestic led enterprises, only by continuously increasing the development and technological upgrading of new beautiful and elegant products of LED lighting, and constantly exploring new application fields of LED lighting technology, can they quickly occupy this application field, grasp the mainstream trend of LED market, and continuously make new breakthroughs in product design, quality improvement and cost control by analyzing the pattern and positioning of LED lighting products

in addition to strengthening technology research and development, domestic led enterprises should also formulate and implement their own overseas intellectual property strategy as soon as possible, strive to distribute relevant patents in the target market as soon as possible and in a planned way, and actively participate in the formulation of international standards for relevant technologies. In addition, before the product is exported, professional consulting team or lawyer team can be hired to conduct patent search for the local market, so as to make detailed preparations for possible litigation. When the lawsuit comes, don't escape, but actively respond to it

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