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On February 27, the 2017 wallpaper and wallpaper industry development annual meeting and the 7th wallpaper survey and selection award ceremony was held at Beijing new national exhibition, and Kexiang won the award of "top ten wallpaper brands"

on February 27, 2017, sponsored by the China Interior Decoration Association and jointly organized by the wallpaper and wallpaper Professional Committee of the China Interior Decoration Association, the forest products industry association, Huiya media and the Beijing wallpaper exhibition organizing committee, the 2017 wallpaper and wallpaper industry development annual meeting and the seventh national household industry economic and marketing survey "Zhengxin Cup" wallpaper and wallpaper industry excellent brand selection and award ceremony was grandly held at the Beijing new national exhibition, and the seven awards were announced one by one, The event came to a successful conclusion. Kexiang wallpaper has won the approval of many dealers for its high-quality products, and finally won the honor of "top ten wallpaper brands". It can be recognized by the public, which is enough to see the high quality of the products

(a group photo of the enterprise that won the "top ten wallpaper brands")

Zhejiang Kexiang wallpaper Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Anji County, one of the most economically dynamic cities in the Yangtze River Delta. After six years of development since its establishment in 2006, Kexiang wallpaper has firmly seized the opportunity of industry development, firmly grasped the law of industry development, and formed an unconventional leap forward development in a short time, which has begun to take shape, The company has built a modern standard plant covering an area of 100 mu in Anji Tangpu Industrial Zone, and introduced 18 advanced production lines

Kexiang Wallpapers has always adhered to the business philosophy of building a "five heart" level enterprise: "concentrate on research and development". The company has built a domestic first-class creative research and development center, hired dozens of top technical talents in the industry and a group of senior management elites with doctoral and master's degrees, and has long established industry university research projects with Zhejiang University, China Academy of fine arts and other domestic famous universities, It has become the teaching practice base of the Department of polymer science and engineering of Zhejiang University, and its strong development ability and new technology application ability ensure to provide consumers with the latest trend products in today's wallpaper industry. "Manufacturing with heart", the company adopts strict standardized production process management, strictly controls quality, strictly implements the spirit of ISO9001 and ISO14000 standard certification system, and minimizes the quality complaint rate; "Wholehearted promotion", the company relies on a strong marketing team and strong advertising effect to promote in the market, and has established thousands of distribution stores in 34 provinces and municipalities across the country, so that consumers can contact the cutting-edge information and trend products of Kexiang wallpaper in the most time-saving and labor-saving way; "Considerate service", Kexiang wallpaper is the first in the industry to propose the establishment of CS project, that is, customer satisfaction project, and start the 5S standard service process for customers, so that customers can have no worries in the whole process of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service; "Consumption at ease", customers give high evaluation after consuming Kexiang products, and word of mouth is passed on, making Kexiang wallpaper form a higher popularity and reputation, and win customer loyalty

the "dealer survey" activity has always adhered to the purpose of "going deep into the channel terminals and finding advantageous brands". The activity is constantly upgrading, making the information exchange of manufacturers more convenient and fast, and achieving that the award of excellent brands is really decided by the dealers. With this honor, Kexiang enterprise said that it would continue to move forward towards the goal of establishing a scientific, standardized and integrated modern soft decoration building materials group based on the principle of people-oriented and inclusive




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