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Before decoration, you should have a good idea of the decoration style of the room, the decoration materials used, the selection and approximate placement of furniture, as well as the decoration budget

chest has no overall situation

before decoration, you should have a good idea of the decoration style of the room, the decoration materials used, the selection and approximate placement of furniture, as well as the decoration budget. Don't rely on temporary likes and dislikes, and don't give overall consideration to the form and decoration of household appliances and room decoration. This often leads to the problems of inconsistent decoration style, unreasonable use of home space, and repeated disassembly and assembly. Take air conditioning as an example. At present, there is a trend that air conditioning is ordered first and then decoration. If an 80 square meter apartment has two bedrooms and one living room, according to the ordinary installation point of view, it is necessary to put a cabinet machine in the living room and hang up one in each of the two bedrooms. In this way, for the decoration of small houses with an inch of land and an inch of money, the space occupied by the air conditioner is too large, and it appears to be relatively messy and abrupt, which makes it difficult to achieve the harmony and unity of the whole home decoration style. According to the characteristics of small house decoration, there has been a family specific central air conditioner in the market, such as Oakes' "Bo Ke" is for the decoration of 80-120 small and medium-sized houses. The price is similar to that of famous brand cabinet machines, but it solves the problem that the cabinet machines occupy space and are not beautiful. When decorating, consider installing it in one step, which not only saves space, but also avoids the need for major surgery for air conditioning upgrading in the future

rush to start

after having a new house, some people were eager to enter Zhu, so they hurried to find a decoration company and asked the other party to hand over the work in ten days and a half months. As for the design of the room and the selection of decorative materials, these heads of households did not consider it carefully. These problems may arise: being cheated due to lack of home decoration knowledge; The decoration company chosen in a hurry cannot be satisfactory, and the design and construction level cannot meet the requirements, etc. So don't be in a hurry before decorating. First of all, we should enrich our knowledge of home decoration. It is often said that someone was caught in the trap designed by the decoration company in the decoration process. To prevent himself from being cheated, he must first enrich his knowledge of home decoration. Only by arming ourselves with knowledge can we take the initiative in the various risks that decoration may face and minimize the possibility of problems. Secondly, we should choose a good supervision company. It is better for the supervisor to intervene before looking for the decoration company, so as to better monitor the whole decoration process. Then choose a good decoration company. Generally, the engineering quotation of the decoration company will be higher than that of the decoration team, but the extra money is actually to buy the after-sales service and guarantee that the decoration company can provide, so it is a more correct choice to find a reliable decoration company whose price is not very unreasonable. In addition to the good reputation of the decoration company, it also depends on the level of the designer of this company. A good designer can often provide some good suggestions to the owner. Especially in color matching, reasonable division and utilization of space, and reasonable placement of items. In addition to designers, it also depends on the overall quality of its decoration team. If you are not at ease, you can ask the decoration company to take you to visit the construction site where the decoration team is decorating, and you can see its workmanship

don't buy materials in person

after signing the contract and design with the decoration company, the most important thing is to go to the building materials city to buy the materials you need, such as tiles, floors, doors, coatings, hardware, lamps, glass, stones, water supply pipes, etc. if you buy building materials yourself, the materials you must have bought before this stage are: cement, sand and other materials. These materials have been ignored by many owners, but in fact, they are the basic materials of decoration projects, which are very important. For example, if inferior cement is used, no matter how high-quality and beautiful tiles you buy in the future will fall off. What's the use? If the cement is of good quality, there is no need to add glue to the tiles, and there is no need to add glue to the secondary cement. After a period of time, the tiles still fall off. When you buy Cement, you must recognize the brand of a large factory. A little trick can help you choose a brand: ask what brand of cement is used in some large-scale local construction projects, and you can buy it according to this manufacturer, which is right




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