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I don't know what kind of style northern Europe is as you understand it. According to Xiaobian, its design inspiration comes from Norway, Sweden, Finland and other countries. Simplicity, freshness and romance are its personality, but often this is more a test for designers. No matter the structure of lines, the integration of colors, or the accessories of soft clothing, they need exquisite attention. Today, Xiaobian will take a three bedroom and two living room as an example to appreciate the unique Nordic style with you

quiet Nordic bedroom:

usually when we mention Nordic style, we easily associate adjectives such as freshness, simplicity and romance. Indeed, Nordic style is intended to emphasize or advocate a kind of pragmatism. Look at this bedroom. The color is mainly blue and white. The furniture is simple and chic, and the simple and white elegant house is really comfortable

quiet Nordic bedroom:

because there is a little boy in the young head of household, the children's room is also indispensable. Its uniqueness is that this room forms a light and shadow space that implies nature. It seems that you can feel the bright light transmittance from any direction, and the field of vision is also expanded to a certain extent




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