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Melamine veneer will crack in daily use, which is mainly caused by the uneven dryness of various parts of wood

melamine veneer will crack in daily use, which is mainly caused by the uneven dryness of all parts of the wood. According to the part of crack occurrence in the industry, it is generally called crack, surface crack, internal crack and wheel crack; The size and number of cracks will vary depending on the boring conditions, tree species, and the size of the wood section

baidibao, one of the top ten Chinese plate brands, details the cracking phenomenon and factors of melamine veneer

first, end face cracks

end cracks are limited to the section of wood, and may extend to one or both sides of the end, which is usually called cracks

the primary reason is that the water conductivity of wood along the grain direction is much greater than that in the transverse grain direction. When the wood is dry, the water transpiration from the end face is much faster than that from the side face. The moisture content at the end is lower than that in the middle, and the shortening of the end is constrained by the wood in the middle, so the tensile effect occurs at the end. When the tensile force exceeds the transverse tensile strength of the wood, the end surface cracks

II. Surface cracks

surface crack refers to the crack on the surface of the original wood itself. The crack is usually limited to the chord surface and develops along the track direction

shallow surface cracks can be removed by planing, but deep surface cracks are not only ugly, but also reduce the strength of wood, especially the shear strength. Surface cracks also affect the paint quality of wood. After painting melamine board with surface cracks, cracks can open and close due to changes in climatic conditions, causing paint film cracking

in order to ensure the excellent performance of melamine veneer and get the favor of consumers, the brand of baidibao health plate has meticulous requirements for the process in the production process:

the first is the pressure. If the pressure is too low, it will affect the bonding strength of the substrate and impregnated paper, but if it is too high, it will affect the quality of the plate, so this is a point to test the craft

then the hot pressing time, which depends on the curing degree of the impregnated resin and the hot pressing temperature. Too long a time will cause the curing degree of the resin to be too strong, and the original elasticity will be lost, and the products processed later will appear cracking and deformation; However, if the curing time is too short, it will not be sufficient, and it is easy to produce the phenomenon of sticking to the plate, which will directly affect the performance of the surface and the durability of the product

in the process of processing, baidibao plate starts from the details, ensures the quality of raw materials and production technology, and ensures that the melamine veneer produced is a high-quality and qualified product

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