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Home furnishing reflects the taste of life, and solid wood home furnishing is the perfect creator of modern light luxury life! Furniture at home is also easy to scratch, especially in families with children! So if there are obvious scratches in the solid wood home, how can we deal with them, so that we can not waste too much time and money, but also solve them well? As a solid wood furniture customization expert, Shusheng has more than ten years of rich experience in installation and repair, and introduces several common methods, which are simple, easy to learn, easy to operate, and worthy of recommendation

solid wood furniture scratch treatment method I

solid wood furniture has been more and more loved and sought after by a considerable number of people in the market in recent years. In addition, its unique natural materials and simple wooden lines reflect a style of life. It is precisely because of its uniqueness that the method used in the scratch repair cannot be the same. Different repair methods will be selected according to the location and depth of the scratch. Here we give a simple example: what if the furniture with lighter color has scratches? We can repair it with wax. Of course, instead of directly applying wax, scrape the wax into powder particles and evenly apply it to the scratches, and then heat the wax particles on these scratches. After fully melting, dispose of the excess wax. After the wax cools, the scratches will not be so obvious

solid wood furniture scratch treatment method 2

there will inevitably be bumps in family life, and you will hurt your beloved furniture if you are not careful! At this time, many people will worry about whether it is worth repairing, because they are worried about tossing. Tree life gives you a trick. Smash the flesh of walnuts, pecans or Brazil nuts. Rub the flesh along the scratch, and the grease in the flesh will darken the scratch. It looks like the texture of the furniture itself, which is not only smooth but also shiny, which can be comparable to the original effect

solid wood furniture scratch treatment method 3

if the material and shape are the "body" of solid wood furniture, then paint is its gorgeous coat. Whether it is solid wood doors, or wine cabinets, wardrobe and other furniture, the figure is not easy to lose shape, but the coat is easy to be damaged. The first reaction of many people is to find installation workers or product manufacturers to directly return to the factory for repair. Without saying the cost, long-distance transportation back and forth is inevitable. Once there is damage, it will become robbing Peter to pay Paul. Of course, when the damage is not serious, the paint surface of the wooden furniture is scratched, and the wood is not touched, you can use crayons or pigments with the same color as the furniture to evenly apply on the wound surface of the furniture, cover the completely exposed background color, and then apply a thin layer of transparent nail polish, which has no impact on the appearance

solid wood furniture scratch treatment method 4

families with children at home are very worried that children scratch the furniture carelessly. I'm busy at work and don't have much time to repair. At this time, tree life teaches you a trick. Take a lemon, preferably fresh. Drop the lemon juice on the scratch. After a while, you can quickly dry and polish it with a soft cloth soaked in hot water, and it can be basically restored. In this way, it is not only time-consuming, but also simple and convenient. Is it very practical

however, these tips for dealing with scratches on solid wood furniture provided by the above tree life are self repairing, economical, simple and convenient when the scratch damage of solid wood furniture is small and the problem is not serious. In the case of serious damage, it is necessary to find a professional manufacturer for guidance, or repair it alone! However, the repair is flawed after all, and it is impossible to restore it to the previous one! Therefore, tree life suggests that you'd better take protective measures in advance to avoid damage and solve the problem in advance, so as to fundamentally solve the problem of furniture damage





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