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In 2009, the production and sales of XCMG excavators exceeded 1000 units, opening a new mileage. In 2009, the production and sales of XCMG excavators exceeded 1000 units, opening a new mileage. Introduction: with the rising sun and the wind, the colorful flags fluttered, rows of new, transparent and neatly placed XCMG excavators looked energetic. With a xg822lc excavator slowly leaving the production workshop, the user representatives and dealer representatives of XCMG excavators from all over the country, as well as the leaders and technicians of XCMG

in the warm wind and rising sun, colorful flags fluttered, and rows of new, bright and neatly placed excavators of Xiamen Construction Engineering Group appeared full of spirit. With a xg822lc excavator slowly leaving the production workshop, it comes from Xiamen all over the country. However, the molding of most thermosetting materials, especially non UV curing class 1 materials, requires a long cross-linking process. Excavator user representatives, dealer representatives, Xiamen Engineering leaders, technicians More than 100 people, including the assembly workers, witnessed the production and sales of over 1000 excavators by Xiamen workers - a historical moment that made all Xiamen workers feel elated. It has opened a new milestone in the excavator business of XCMG

strong rise

at present, under the situation that most of the domestic excavator market is monopolized by foreign joint ventures, relying on independent innovation to create a domestic excavator brand has become the consensus of local excavator manufacturers. Over the years, on the basis of absorbing and digesting the core technologies of foreign excavator brands, XCMG has always adhered to independent innovation. Taking excavator as an important strategic product of the company, XCMG has continuously increased R & D investment, implemented lean production, set up quality control points, adopted high-tech methods in key parts of the process, strived to be meticulous, and continuously introduced more beautiful appearance and better quality, in addition to bearing the pressure of declining subsidies The more energy-saving and efficient product series has greatly shortened the gap with foreign-funded products and achieved the best combination point in terms of product cost performance. At present, XCMG has the production and manufacturing conditions for a full range of excavator products from 5 tons to 50 tons. It has a number of varieties represented by xg808, XG815LC, xg821, xg822lc, xg833, etc. the annual sales volume has shown a rapid development trend since 2005. By 2009, it exceeded 1000 sets, with a growth rate of more than 43.62%, 18.62 percentage points higher than the average growth rate of the industry. It has become one of the main excavator manufacturers with the fastest growth rate among domestic excavator brands

the production and sales of more than 1000 units have been achieved, which fully demonstrates the determination and ability of XCMG to expand and strengthen the excavator business, and the efforts of XCMG to achieve great success in the curve surmounting of unconventional machines due to its originality and daring to act against the background of the financial crisis. In an interview, the head of XCMG excavator project said that adhering to the development concept of "technology and quality inheritance", XCMG excavator has followed the Chinese Antarctic scientific investigation team on expeditions to Antarctica for many times, withstood the test of the harsh natural environment in Antarctica, and provided a strong mechanical guarantee for the construction of China's Antarctic investigation station and the development of China's Antarctic scientific investigation cause. They have always been imbued with the cultural gene of "daring to forge ahead" of XCMG in the past 60 years, glowing with the technical style of the professional manufacturing of construction machinery of XCMG in the past 60 years, and inheriting the performance characteristics of the main business income of flexible high-tech materials of mechanical products of XCMG reaching 350billion yuan, energy saving and fuel saving. They are unique among many excavator brands

new starting point, new development

in the second half of 2009, Mr. caikuiquan, who has the reputation of "a legend leading the development of construction machinery in China and South Korea", joined Xiamen Construction Engineering Group, which has had a far-reaching impact on the rapid development of Xiamen Construction Engineering Group. In his opinion, although XCMG excavator is still in its infancy, its nearly 60 years of technical precipitation and market channels have provided a huge platform for the development of XCMG excavator. After years of unremitting efforts, the user recognition of XCMG excavator products in the market has been greatly improved. In the next twoorthree years, a perfect distribution network will be gradually established to achieve a new starting point and a new leap

the ceremony was held in a warm atmosphere. When boss Wu, the user of the 1000th XCMG excavator, gladly took the key from President Cai, the whole audience applauded and saluted. In his speech, he said with deep feeling that every customer will always be grateful for the value and benefits brought by XCMG excavators to customers

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