The production and sales of excavators with the mo

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The production and sales of Rexroth excavators exceeded 1000

the production and sales of Rexroth excavators exceeded 1000

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Guide: in 2010, Rexroth company achieved remarkable historical performance under the incentive of the national policy of vigorously investing in infrastructure construction. As of September 2010, the production and sales of Rexroth excavators both exceeded 1000, It has strengthened confidence to achieve the goal of 1600 units in the whole year. Congratulations to Rexroth excavator students

2010, lishide company has made remarkable historical achievements under the encouragement of the national policy of vigorously investing in infrastructure construction. As of September 2010, lishide excavator production and sales both exceeded 1000 units, which has increased confidence to achieve the goal of 1600 units in the whole year

warm congratulations on the breakthrough of 1000 sets of lishide excavator production and sales.

through the industrial chain tracking analysis, lishide series crawler hydraulic excavators are based on the years of practical experience and brilliant achievements of Shantui and Changlin groups engaged in construction machinery, combined with the vast experience accumulated by Shantui in the construction machinery industry in the past 30 years, introducing, digesting and absorbing international well-known brand technologies, and making optimization and improvement according to China's national conditions, We have developed and designed products suitable for various industries and mines to make them more suitable for China's working environment. The company has strong technical strength, continuous design and development, and the range extends from 6 tons to 45 tons; The product layout is expanded horizontally from standard type to special type. The product specifications are complete. It has a variety of models, such as standard type, mine type, wetland type, plateau type and so on. It has gradually formed a product style with a sense of the times, which is domestic leading and international advanced. Its surface is free from touching with hands

renderings of the office building of Rexroth R & D center

in December 2009, five new products including sc70.7, sc130.7, sc210.8, sc230.8 and sc330.7 were appraised by national authoritative experts for their high speed and high precision. Sc360.7 filled in the technology developed by domestic large tonnage excavators and was recognized by experts as the leader in China

at the end of 2009, sc330.7 and sc360.7 crawler hydraulic excavators reached the international advanced level and won the title of "the first in China" for the first set of technical equipment in national key fields in 2009

bird's-eye view of lishide plant area

for the company's vision for the next three years, the company's development guiding ideology is: R & D and innovation to solve product homogenization and maintain cost advantage; Maximize benefits and make enterprise differentiation more valuable through innovative services. Through three to five years of development, the total output and sales value will exceed 5billion yuan

rendering of Rexroth large machine combined plant

in order to achieve this grand goal of system display and calibration of zero point, the company has planned a 5000 large and medium-sized excavation technical transformation project, which is expected to start construction in late September. The high-standard plant and R & D center building covers a total of 60000 square meters, with an estimated fixed asset investment of 330million yuan and a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan. It is expected to have the capacity of 5000 large and medium-sized excavators by the end of 2012. The new plant area will be equipped with brand-new equipment and manufacturing process, so that the manufacturing of aquatic products will reach a new level. At the same time, the company actively uses capital operation and brand building to promote the rapid and healthy development of the enterprise

under the guidance of striving to be a domestic brand excavator enterprise, we believe that lishide will have a better tomorrow

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