The production base of the most volcanic seedling

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On August 31, the production line with an annual output of 1billion cups of seedling containers of the seedling container factory of Shanxi Academy of forestry was officially completed and put into operation, becoming the largest seedling container research center and production base in China. In order to solve the problems of survival and preservation of afforestation in arid and semi-arid areas, the provincial seedling container factory, relying on scientific and technological innovation, has continuously developed seedling container products and successfully developed honeycomb plastic thin polymer materials, which are loose membrane seedling containers in molecular movement. This kind of container can save cost, so the reducer should be cleaned for operation, which can be popularized in a large area and give full play to the role of the response mechanism of inspection and quarantine technology trade measures. Since they developed the product, they have produced 1.86 billion cups, which have been popularized and applied in 16 provinces and cities across the country. They can complete 7.6 million mu of afforestation, save seedling funds, and use 5.91 million yuan of their new filaments

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