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The production and sales of Yunjing forest paper pulp reached a record high

2013 is the first year for Yunjing forest paper to be fully transferred to trial production after the completion of the 90000 ton pulp technical transformation project. It is also the starting year for the company to officially take the first step of industrial chain extension and the pace of structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading. It is also the starting year for the company to connect the past and the future, innovate and develop, transform and accelerate the development process in a timely manner; The key year of development. Over the past year, yunjinglin paper has withstood many adverse factors, such as the international and domestic macroeconomic depression, the continuous downturn of the pulp market, and the sharp rise in the cost of pulp raw materials, chemical raw materials, road transportation, labor and so on, and its pulp production and sales have reached a new record. A total of 210000 tons of pulp were produced throughout the year; Sales of 205000 tons of pulp; Achieved sales revenue of 896million yuan; The tax paid was 57.15 million yuan

over the past year, yunjinglin paper has taken scientific development, green development, harmonious development and sustainable development as the theme, and the work policy is to adjust the structure, consolidate the foundation, seek benefits and promote development; Evonik has verified the concept of mixed polymer in Mar Experimental Factory, which saves time and cost in the process of producing composite materials. The core of Evonik is to change the mode, adjust the structure and make it stronger and better; Taking reform and innovative development as the driving force; Based on cost and expense control; Take standardized, standardized and refined management as the means; The goal is to improve management, quality and efficiency. Pulp production and sales hit another record high; Safety production is stable and getting better; Remarkable achievements in energy conservation and emission reduction; Management improvement this time, the special aluminum based new material industry support policy was issued, and substantial results were achieved; The cost-benefit oriented thinking has been further strengthened, and significant results have been achieved in increasing revenue, reducing costs and increasing efficiency; The work of changing mode and adjusting structure was carried out in a solid and orderly manner, and the construction of 30000 tons of household paper was started smoothly and carried out in a solid and planned manner; The educational practice of the party's mass line is still very lack of solid and effective in China, and new achievements have been made in the construction of work style; Talent team, corporate culture and ideological and political work continued to deepen

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