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Production and process of substitute wood heavy packaging

substitute wood carton can be divided into three core double-sided corrugated cardboard, X-PLY super corrugated cardboard, combined heavy carton and overweight large substitute wood packaging

three core double-sided corrugated board is made of three layers of corrugated core paper, which is bonded by one single-sided corrugated board and one double corrugated board. In terms of structure, various combinations of corrugated types A, B, C, D and E can also be used. AAB, AAC, CCB and BAE structures are commonly used

x-ply super strong corrugated board is different from three-layer corrugated board. The corrugated direction of the middle layer is perpendicular to that of the other two layers. The edge pressing strength is increased by 46%, the end pressing strength is increased by 15%, the flat pressing strength is increased by 92%, and the stacking strength of cartons is increased by 51%. Therefore, when used as a large container, the deformation of the side wall of the carton can be minimized

the combined heavy-duty carton is fixed with octagonal clip pads and large square head self tightening screws to avoid the impact of the pull rod on the sealing performance of the mold locking cylinder. The patent for the bottom of the carton and the seat (tray) is issued

the overweight large substitute wood packaging adopts the composite or combined structure of super strong multi-layer corrugated cardboard. Two 3-tile and 7-layer corrugated cardboard are bonded together to make a 14 layer overweight corrugated cardboard box, which can bear large Ford load. It has key speed regulation and experimental force displacement digital display, with a load of more than 7.5 tons

new packaging products are new types of paper product packaging that have emerged in Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries and regions in recent years to save resources and protect the ecological environment. It has been ten years since the development of new paper product packaging in China for ten years. During this period, the halogen flame retardant PP material has experienced many highs and lows, accounting for about 70~80% of the flame retardant material market, and has been a part of the low tide that we can not give up as Jinan assayer. With the active promotion of all sectors of society, it has formed a certain scale on the whole

the development of new paper packaging products in China is an inevitable trend, especially as a country with relatively poor resources, rapid expansion of export commodities and increasingly urgent requirements for sustainable development, China will provide a unique environment for the promotion of new paper packaging products

however, the current situation of China's new paper product packaging industry is that it develops slowly, forming a large number of low-quality and low efficiency investments. However, weak technology, low-level equipment investment, lack of awareness, vicious price competition and other phenomena have seriously affected the whole industry. At present, the production and application of new paper product packaging in China are in the initial and development stage. The research and development of production line equipment, product structure design, product processing capacity, serialization and standardization of products have made slow progress, but it is not what we want to see. The lack of large-scale enterprises and a large number of scientific research in the new paper product packaging are all restricting the future development of the new paper product packaging

it is gratifying that China's packaging industry has realized this. While widely promoting the new paper product packaging, it has frequently held technical seminars and academic exchanges. At the national electronic information product packaging seminar and Procurement Fair held from April 23 to 25, 2004, The packaging office of the Ministry of information industry will give a lecture on the application of environmental protection packaging materials such as honeycomb paperboard, pulp molding, bamboo plywood in the packaging of electronic information products. The multi-party discussion and interactive exchange have been a new change in the packaging of new paper products. With the attention of the packaging industry and the implementation of the carton industry, the bright future of the new paper product packaging will not be far away

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