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New media of radio and television overtake in the corner, and the new media pattern is brewing dramatic changes

new media of radio and television catch up

when talking about video stations with ordinary people in the past, they only know that Sohu, Youku and iqiyi are different, because the world cup in Brazil and where Dad is going, now people also know CNTV and mango TV. These new media operators rooted in radio and television are using their own industry. The biggest progress is to adopt the normal temperature and pressure intercalation stripping production process to catch up and strive to become one of the mainstream participants

take mango TV as an example. As a new media under Hunan Radio and television group, it has made frequent moves recently. The first is to implement the independent broadcasting strategy and collect all the advantageous contents of the parent station. Secondly, mango TV inside strengthens in-depth cooperation with terminal manufacturers to strengthen terminal layout. The vertical ecological chain integration path of mango TV content service hardware terminal is very obvious, and finally realizes the communication form of all media

mango TV is not the only one with this idea. Huashu media and blockbuster have long adopted the integration strategy of content terminals. CCTV is also increasingly adopting the independent broadcasting strategy in sports and other strong resources, which also reveals the idea of further strengthening the terminal layout

the strong resource of radio and television new media still lies in content. When more and more people adopt the all media communication strategy of independent broadcasting terminals, isn't this the LETV of radio and television? On the contrary, it will be more and more difficult for video stations to get content from TV stations

the operational advantages of Taiwan integration

and the greater competitiveness of radio and television in new media also comes from the operational advantages of Taiwan integration. Recently, mango TV and TCL jointly released TCL mango TV smart TV products. Of course, the release of a new TV hardware product is not enough to attract the interest of the industry. However, the difference of this cooperation is that users can participate in the in-depth interaction of some Hunan Satellite TV programs through mango TV smart TV, such as voting, interactive question answering, etc. in the future, users can even participate in real-time interaction to determine the plot and guests of variety shows

CCTV also made a similar attempt during the broadcast of the world cup in Brazil. On the basis of independent broadcasting, it expanded the traditional single TV report to TV, computer, tablet and other terminals through multi screen interaction, and users can participate in real-time interaction through online and offline methods. The effect is very good, and even successfully promoted Liu Yuxi, a popular person, which was unimaginable before

isn't this the TV station version of TV station interaction? It's just that this video station has changed from the previous one to the TV station's own new media platform. The content production identity of the TV station means that it can layout the elements of new media communication in advance in the process of production and broadcasting. Hunan Satellite TV has already had some good practices in "where is Dad going". Perhaps this is one of the reasons why video stations have entered self-made content

policy has become another paving stone

as the new media transformation of radio and television is groping forward, the continuous favorable policies provide another opportunity for its transformation

on the one hand, Xi dada proposed to strive to build a group of new mainstream media with diverse forms, advanced means and competitiveness, and build several new media groups with strong strength, communication power, credibility and influence. This means that CCTV, Shanghai media, Hunan Radio and television, Jiangsu Radio and television and other leading radio and television media groups will play a more important role in the new media communication, and their new media transformation will also receive more support

on the other hand, SARFT has further tightened the policy control of new media such as Internet TV. At present, the TV version app of video stations is generally offline, and the introduction of self-made dramas, micro films and overseas dramas by video stations is also increasingly in line with the radio and television management. This means that the new media licensees represented by blockbuster, mango TV and Huashu will become the leaders of Internet TV, and video stations are likely to withdraw from the role of cooperation

in fact, these prescient TV stations have acted in advance

recently, Hunan Radio and television said that it was preparing to invest 3 billion yuan in three years to support new media businesses such as mango TV, Internet TV and mobile Internet. Mango TV Internet TV focuses on the core video resources of Hunan Satellite TV, providing users with rich and diverse content services with characteristics and high quality to release the experimental oil inside. Whether in terms of financial support or content support, Hunan Radio and television has raised the all media strategy to a very high level, and the courage of Hunan TV is indeed extraordinary

since Li Shu's return, SMG's all media transformation has become the focus of the industry. Among them, Oriental satellite TV has higher processing efficiency to meet future needs. After a substantial adjustment to the organizational structure and operation mode, it adopts the independent producer method of de administration, and the production process has been greatly adjusted. As long as Uncle Li is there, SMG has endless imagination

as a media with national propaganda, CCTV has also made many attempts in the transformation of all media, but the actual effect is not satisfactory. It is reported that CCTV's all media strategy may need to be re planned with the TV station as the center, and the new media run by the whole station, including technology platform, editing system, advertising sales, etc., should be integrated. CCTV, no matter what it does, at least its place can be guaranteed

overtaking at the corner on the road

we can see that CCTV, Hunan Radio and television, SMG and other first-line radio and television media groups have some means in the transformation of new media. First, we will no longer let our hard-earned high-quality content do wedding clothes for video stations through simple copyright distribution, but firmly grasp the commanding height of content through independent broadcasting strategy; Second, we should use the technologies, tools and means in the field of Internet and mobile Internet to strengthen the construction of our own new media platform, truly realize platform integration and platform interaction, and turn the invisible audience into visible users, so as to facilitate the platform operation based on IP; The third is to adjust the organizational structure and incentive mechanism in order to give full play to the subjective initiative of talents

although video stations are still in the leading position in the current new media communication pattern, they have advantages in capital and institutional mechanisms. But no matter what, radio and television new media has ushered in the best era of development, and the new media communication pattern led by video stations may be broken

whether the new media of radio and television can successfully overtake in curves depends on their true market competitiveness

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