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As the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan for national economic and social development, in the new situation of "accelerating the adjustment of industrial structure and rapidly developing seven emerging industries", in order to meet the market demand, following the great success of the first exhibition, The second China International New Materials Industry Exhibition and the Eighth China glass fiber composite exhibition took advantage of the rapid development of the industry. The experimental control results showed that they were unveiled at the Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall on November 1, from Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Switzerland Nearly 113 Chinese and foreign exhibitors from 10 countries and regions, including China and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, have worked together to build China's first new materials platform for multiple fields

the three-day exhibition mainly displays products in four fields: Engineering/modified plastics, glass fiber composites and production technology, plastic wood products and production technology, and other new materials (fluorosilicone materials, high-performance membrane materials, industrial and special ceramics). It aims at alloying the base metal: providing various materials and solutions required in the production of automobile and auto parts, electric power and renewable energy (wind energy, solar energy, etc.), electronic appliances, communication and information technology, construction, rail transit, high-speed rail, aviation and aerospace, military industry, sports equipment, medical appliances and equipment, new products in daily life and machine manufacturing

highlight 1: plastic field - Engineering/modified plastics, biological/degradable plastics play a leading role

the products on display in the plastic field of this international new materials exhibition will mainly cover: Engineering/modified plastics, biological/degradable plastics and plastic accessories. As an important segment of the plastic industry, engineering/modified plastics and bio/degradable plastics have played an important role in the development of the whole industry in recent years. It is reported that AKRO, a German engineering plastic, will be exhibited at this exhibition. For example, the brand popularity of nylon alloy products, a high-performance material based on pa6.6, will be further expanded, and its ultra-high strength can be comparable to die-casting aluminum/magnesium alloy

some engineering/modified plastic production enterprises in this field also include: NCM of heshibi chemical industry, Letian plastics, Shanghai Tianzhou adellplastics, beyondtop, xinyongtong, Boyun plastics, etc; Suppliers of plastic additives and auxiliary materials include Kitamura, hiSoft chemical, Jiqing chemical, Yucheng chemical Yuchen, Songyuan commercial, Yukai chemical, etc. in hido village, Japan; Biological/degradable plastic production enterprises include: Hong Kong Huamei group/Zhizhi wearmax/greentran, biotype environmental protection material, etc

point 2: the field of glass fiber composites and production technology integrates thermoplastic and thermosetting applications.

with the increasingly extensive application of glass fiber, the industry has also been booming in recent years. In order to promote the rapid development of the industry, after the first successful cooperation last year, China Glass Fiber Industry Association and Yashi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. jointly held the "Eighth China glass fiber composite Exhibition" at the same time, aiming to open up more downstream fields for glass fiber production enterprises

in order to meet the development needs of the industry, this exhibition strives to create two major features in the field of glass fiber composites and production technology: first, it integrates the application of products in the thermoplastic field and the industrial application in the thermosetting field; 2、 Accelerate the quality of glass fiber products, accelerate the development of glass fiber enterprises, and upgrade production equipment

a number of leading enterprises in the glass fiber industry participated in the exhibition, including Jushi group, Jiangsu Jiuding, Chuangjia glass fiber, tiannv glass fiber composite, Qingke composite, Shenlong new material, Cleverley, etc. At the same time, a large number of glass fiber production and processing equipment enterprises, such as Zhejiang Wanli textile machinery, Fengkai machinery, Qingdao Sanxiang, the eighth textile machinery, Runyuan warp knitting machinery, Sino Italian textile machinery, Huapeng glass fiber equipment, Huada textile machinery, Chongxiu electromechanical equipment, Ningbo Chenwu, jinjiale air technology, Japan foggy uchi and so on, were on display

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