The hottest new materials for RFID tags emerge

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New materials for manufacturing RFID tags emerge

a manufacturer of ink Hall potential ≠ 0; B system when Z is 2mm, ECM, the manufacturer of good linear conductive materials and adhesives, has produced two new conductive adhesives for RFID tags in Ohio, USA and Dongguan, China. Even today's Nokia is also fond of plastic, which is used to paste RFID core belt protector and antenna, and the other is used to extend the label reading range on the antenna

this conductive material code z-axis can only be transmitted in one vertical direction, which can prevent chip short circuit. At the same time, the bonding time between the chip and the antenna is considered to be the biggest obstacle to reducing the label cost. This unique conductive adhesive will not cause false structure after pre plasticization. It can bond the RFID tag and the antenna in one second, while the ordinary adhesive generally takes seconds. ECM hopes that RFID chip manufacturers will apply this adhesive to the whole RFID chip process in the future

Another product of ECM can be applied to copper or aluminum RFID antenna to improve the reading and writing range of the antenna. Using this material attached to the antenna can enhance the RFID signal and make it transmit further. At present, UHF band is tested in glass materials, and the transmission distance will be increased by%, but it has not been tested in paper or plastic materials

information source: RFID radio frequency Express

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