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New materials help the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries

changing the mode of economic development is not a new topic for the traditional industry of textile. However, how to go on the road of transformation and upgrading? This is undoubtedly another difficult problem that needs to be solved through practice. Recently, when paying attention to Jiangsu Lianyungang yingyou group, a private joint-stock enterprise, I found that they were writing their own answers to this problem

in May this year, two good news came from yingyou group: first, in May, yingyou textile machinery was extremely popular, and customers' demand for purchase rose one after another, which was simply "difficult to find one machine". In one month, the delivery volume of the textile machinery company exceeded 50million yuan. Second, the group's subsidiary Zhongfu Shenying carbon fiber and key equipment research and development project successfully passed the national appraisal, marking that China's carbon fiber production has successfully achieved localization and industrialization, completely breaking the long-term monopoly of developed countries on the domestic carbon fiber market, and reversing the situation that China's carbon fiber is completely dependent on imports

this makes us realize a fact: the coexistence and common prosperity of traditional manufacturing and high-tech industries has become a reality in yingyou group, and carbon fiber, the "king of new materials", is just an opportunity for yingyou to take substantive steps in transformation and upgrading

you can take off the upper cover of the reducer

traditional manufacturing enterprises resolutely choose new goals

the predecessor of yingyou group is Lianyungang textile machinery factory. It started with the production of ironing machines and ironing shears more than 20 years ago. After product innovation and system reform, it has developed from an insolvent state-owned textile machinery factory into a private joint-stock enterprise with a net asset of 1billion yuan. Now it is a leading enterprise in the national textile finishing industry, The domestic market coverage of the product is more than 80%, and it enjoys the reputation of "global textile finishing expert". However, it is still a typical traditional textile machinery manufacturing enterprise. Until 2005, when Chairman Zhang Guoliang began to look for new product development goals and firmly wrote the word "carbon fiber" into his heart, a profound transformation revolution quietly occurred within the enterprise

for yingyou group, it is not easy to overcome the difficulties of carbon fiber Industrialization: high and new technology is like an insurmountable door. 3. After confirming that the power supply is under the specified voltage and grounding safety threshold, the huge investment is like a bottomless black hole, and there is no ready-made production equipment to refer to, and there is no ready-made process to refer to. But in the end, Zhang Guoliang was determined to overcome difficulties, integrate the scientific and technological advantages of all aspects of the country, take the road of integrated innovation, and complete the great cause of carbon fiber industrialization

in September 2005, Jiangsu Lianyungang Shenying new materials Co., Ltd., which is controlled by Jiangsu Lianyungang yingyou textile machinery group and participated by Jiangsu Aoshen Group Co., Ltd., was officially established and began to build a carbon fiber production line with an annual output of 220 tons

in October 2007, China Composite Materials Corporation, a subsidiary of China Building Materials Group, participated in the development of the project in the form of capital increase and share expansion, and established Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. with Jiangsu Lianyungang yingyou textile machinery and Jiangsu Aoshen group. On the basis of the original production capacity of 500 tons of PAN based carbon fiber precursor and 220 tons of carbon fiber of yingyou textile machinery, Zhongfu Shenying and Donghua University jointly undertook the "1000 tons of carbon fiber project with an annual output of 2500 tons of PAN PRECURSOR" of the national development and Reform Commission. After more than two years of technical research, Zhongfu Shenying has systematically solved the problem of localization of key equipment, and built the first national production line (set) with the largest scale and the most mature technology in China, and its overall technology has reached the international advanced level. At the end of 2008, a suitable filter fiber production line for 1000 tons of carbon was successfully put into operation as the phase I project of Zhongfu Shenying 10000 tons of carbon fiber industrialization. At present, the project has obtained 6 authorized utility model patents and applied for 10 invention patents, establishing a complete enterprise standard

carbon fiber drives the traditional industry to "turn the kite"

Zhang Guoliang proudly told that after the Zhongfu Shenying 1000 ton carbon fiber project was put into operation, the price of carbon fiber t-300 and T-700 in the international market immediately halved at the end of 2008. Although the intention of competition is very obvious, objectively speaking, the localization of carbon fiber has obviously become an important weight in the market negotiation. What makes Zhang Guoliang even more excited is that the high and new technology of carbon fiber has opened up endless imagination space for him: "carbon fiber can make new aircraft and wind power blades, and small can improve the application of materials, and penetrate into all industries of civil products. In the future, after our 10000 ton carbon fiber capacity is realized, an industrial chain of tens of billions of yuan will be formed downstream, which may lead to technological revolution in many industries."

at the same time, new changes have also appeared at all levels within yingyou, revealing the new face of enterprise transformation and upgrading

from the perspective of enterprise organization, Zhongfu Shenying specializes in the research and development of carbon fiber precursor, carbon fiber and products. Composite plastic film is made and sold by combining different materials with different composite processes. It is a real high-tech enterprise. This makes yingyou group truly become an enterprise group focusing on the production of textile machinery and integrating textile and new materials

from the perspective of resource integration, last year, yingyou company resolutely closed its woolen mill that has neither scale efficiency nor core technology, and instead produced carbon fiber composites, which has achieved a typical case of traditional enterprises transforming into high-tech enterprises, making the benefits of this factory a beautiful "kite turn over". In addition, focusing on carbon fiber and its application, yingyou company has also established a number of experimental plants using its existing plants, playing an important role in the new development of the group's business

from the perspective of traditional main business, in order to make the mechanical performance of textile machinery equipment better and stronger, and meet the market demand of energy conservation and emission reduction, less labor and intelligence, yingyou textile machinery continues to try to use new materials to replace traditional steel. Now, parts made of carbon fiber reinforced composite materials have appeared in yingyou textile machinery products, achieving "three perfection and beauty" with high strength, light weight and good energy-saving effect, which has become the absolute highlight of yingyou textile machinery in 2010

it is reported that the application of carbon fiber materials in yingyou textile machinery products has reduced the total weight of the equipment by 20%, saved 15% - 20% electricity per hour, increased the service life of the equipment by 5-10 times, and increased the product price by only 10% - 15%. Such obvious advantages quickly won the market for it. Only at the Shanghai International Textile Machinery Exhibition not long ago, 18 carbon fiber raising machines and 9 carbon fiber brushing machines were signed on the spot

at this time, we see a thought-provoking reality: yingyou has invested in the industrialization of carbon fiber with the real gold and silver accumulated in the textile machinery manufacturing industry, which has been engaged in the traditional main industry for many years, and the industrialization of this new material in turn has driven the traditional main industry. From this point of view, yingyou's carbon fiber project not only means a new growth point for the diversified operation of enterprises, but also means a bridge connecting the traditional main business of enterprises with high-tech industries

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