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Japan has developed a new material that can significantly speed up wireless local area networks

a new material that can increase the transmission speed of wireless local areas by 40% was introduced in Japan in late November 2003. This material also has the advantages of low price and no special construction

if this new material is paved on some walls of the room, the transmission speed of wireless local area can be increased to 3.5 megabits per second, which is 40 times higher than that after aluminum plates are paved on the ceiling and all walls. The reading of the experiment must be zero When the pendulum impact tester is normally used,%

this new material is actually a kind of radio wave absorber using the mechanism of dielectric loss. Its raw materials are only air and a kind of fiber to strengthen the manufacturing technology level and overall strength of cement, so the price is cheap

wireless local area network is widely used in many units, but if the radio wave leaks, it is easy to leak. If it is connected with other networks, it will also have problems such as low transmission speed. The commonly used radio wave absorber to solve these problems is a series of rubber products, but rubber is flammable, and fire will lead to serious consequences. The price of absorbers made of other special materials is too high. New materials are expected to change the radio wave environment in office

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