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New materials with high light and gas barrier come out

kuralai company, a Japanese company specializing in the production of high barrier plastic packaging materials, 9. Record the required values and lift the pen. Recently, a new material has been successfully studied and introduced. It not only has the performance of high gas barrier, but also has the properties of light and light avoidance, so as to prevent the oxidation, discoloration, fading and other quality changes of inner packaged food caused by the invasion of light and oxygen. This film material is a new generation of "Ebar" film material that gives full play to its excellent properties

culera company is the first company in the world to develop and produce "Ebar" high gas barrier film material. The gas barrier of "Ebar" is about 10000 times that of common polyethylene film material. Its excellent packaging characteristics are highly praised by the market and widely used in many food production. However, the transparency of Ebar film is high, so for those foods that need special protection from light - especially ultraviolet radiation, For example, when using Ebar material as the packaging material for others, it also needs to be compounded with other materials with good shading

now the newly developed film with both light shielding and gas blocking properties is used as food packaging materials, so it is no longer necessary to use aluminum foil composite materials such as pet and PP, and the new product "Ebar" can be directly selected. This solves the problem of avoiding the use of aluminum materials with high shielding and gas resistance. In the past, as aluminum foil was a metal material, it not only compounded toxic standard materials, so it could not be incinerated, and the metal residue was as high as about 4% by weight. Therefore, manufacturers would not choose 0% as a problem. In addition, aluminum foil also interferes with the product quality inspection and quality management of metal detectors. Ebar new material not only has the shading and high gas resistance close to aluminum foil, but also saves aluminum foil material. New materials can be used in food packaging, medical supplies, cosmetics and beverage packaging paper containers

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