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In 2010, Shidai new material sold 300 sets of wind power blades from 50 kinds of adulterated elements. When choosing 5 kinds of

Shidai new material set foot in the wind power industry market in 2003, and has become more than 20 domestic wind power machine manufacturers or 2.76mpa; The supporting supplier of vibration damping components is currently one of the main suppliers of vibration damping components of domestic fans

it is reported that in 2010, about 300 sets of blades were sold by Shidai new material, and the company's sales in wind power blades and wind power elastic components totaled 800million yuan throughout the year. It is expected that the company will sell 600 sets of blades in 2011

in 2006, Shidai new material introduced mature 600 kW and 750 kW wind turbine blade technology with batch production and application experience from the Netherlands. In 2007, Shidai new material united with the University of national defense science and technology to introduce Germany's advanced and mature 1.5 MW wind turbine blade technology and special production equipment. After nearly three years of digestion and absorption, Shidai new material now has an annual production capacity of 350 sets of megawatt and 500 sets of below megawatt wind power blades. In 2010, it formed an annual production capacity of 1000 sets of megawatt wind power blades

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