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New materials become the highlight of the National Day parade

this year is the 60th anniversary of the founding of new China, and the National Day parade will show a qualitative leap in China's weapons level. Among them, aircraft should be the most eye-catching aspect. We will probably see the fourth generation fighter planes, new fighter planes, H-6 large bombers, large transport aircraft, electronic jammers and air tankers belonging to special aircraft, the fifth generation military helicopters, ARJ-21 regional airliners independently developed by China, unmanned aircraft, new aircraft engines and missiles

the reason why we are about to see these aircrafts will attract people's attention is that they come from the three major technologies mastered by scientific researchers - design, manufacturing and materials. In particular, the application of new spacecraft materials has become the most important indicator to measure the progressiveness of spacecraft

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how important are materials in aircraft manufacturing

in the past, the material weight of the third generation fighter Made of aluminum alloy accounted for more than 30% of the weight of the aircraft. Later, the U.S. F-22 uses titanium alloy, which reduces its material weight to 27% of its own weight. Now, the new digital matrix composite we use can reduce the material proportion to 25%

the lighter the weight of the material, the more things the aircraft can carry, and the more ammunition it can carry in battle. In addition, the ability of materials to resist high temperature and oxidation is also very important. Every aerospace material has its ultimate performance. If we need spacecraft to resist the high temperature of 1793 degrees Celsius, but the ultimate performance of a material is 1850 degrees Celsius, then the aircraft made of this material means that it can fly higher. Some materials with special functions, such as recessive and deformed materials, can make spacecraft have more powerful capabilities

advanced materials are not only used to make the "shell" of aircraft, but its real power is reflected in the manufacturing of various parts of spacecraft

as the "power source" of spacecraft, the material used in the engine is very important. According to expert statistics, the technology of materials accounts for 80% of the engine design technology. For example, shr110a high-speed mixer, the turbine blade continuously receives heat from the combustion chamber, so it is made of high-temperature resistant single crystal alloy. When the turbine shaft in the engine rotates at high speed, centrifugal force will be generated, so it is made of very high-strength powder alloy. The inner wall of the combustion chamber should bear both extremely high temperature and high pressure, so ceramics are selected

in addition, put the pouring chamber on the compartment, and the FRP composite material ensures the strength of the helicopter propeller, the ultra-high strength steel ensures the stability of the landing gear, the glass fiber reinforced digital matrix composite material ensures the lightness of the radar package, and the special glass ensures the permeability and firmness of the front windshield of the cab... It is the combination of these advanced materials that creates the perfect spacecraft

the space for the progress of material technology can be said to be endless, which determines the development of aircraft in the future. I hope you can see the changes brought by new materials to our powerful air force forces if the test object breaks down or generates high-voltage lead to ground discharge during the National Day parade

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