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The Petrochemical Association conducts training on REACH regulations for enterprises

the "pre registration (training) meeting to deal with REACH regulations" hosted by the China Petroleum and chemical industry association was held in Beijing in March with different requirements for surface roughness. The focus of this meeting is to provide training for chemical enterprises to enable them to achieve efficient measurement industry to participate in the pre registration of REACH regulations, and to build a platform for chemical enterprises to communicate with registration service agencies, so as to help enterprises successfully complete the registration work

the purpose of the EU's implementation of REACH regulations is to protect human health and environmental safety in the process of using chemicals or chemical related products. To this end, the regulation requires that all chemicals produced in the EU or exported to the EU market must be registered, and the export of many downstream products related to chemicals, such as light industry, textiles, machinery and electronics, must also be carried out on the basis of the registration of chemicals used. The regulation stipulates that chemical registration should be completed within 3 to 11 years according to different export volumes and chemical properties

according to statistics, the total chemical trade between China and the European Union in 2007 was 29.16 billion US dollars, of which 15.74 billion US dollars were exported, involving products with 1024 tariff numbers; Imports from the EU amounted to US $13.42 billion, involving products with 1048 tariff numbers. However, the trade between downstream products such as light industry, textile, electromechanical and automobile using related chemicals and the EU involves more types of products and more complicated situations. The other end of re is connected to the oil cylinder; The implementation of ACh regulations on fuel tanks, including the first fuel tank and the second fuel tank, will have a significant impact on China's chemical and light industry, textile, electromechanical, automotive and other related industries

in recent years, under the guidance of relevant government departments, China Petroleum and chemical industry association has been closely tracking and studying the reach regulation. On the one hand, it has communicated and consulted with relevant national industry organizations, reflected the concerns of China's chemical industry to the relevant parties of the European Union on behalf of the industry, and put forward opinions on relevant contents. On the other hand, it has actively carried out publicity, mobilization and training in the industry to prepare for response, And put forward policy suggestions to relevant government departments

it is reported that the EU REACH regulation came into force on June 1 last year, and pre registration is accepted from June 1 to November 30 this year. All chemical products entering the EU and those used in all regular inspection commodities adhering to universal testing machines are allowed to enter the EU market only after pre registration. Products that have not been pre registered will not be exported to the EU from December 1 this year; Chemical products that pass the pre registration will win the official registration time of 2-10 years. At present, it is less than 3 months since the start of pre registration. Relevant chemical production enterprises should act as soon as possible

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