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The Sinopec Federation plans to set up a special fund for science and technology awards

the second session of the Third Council of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, held in Beijing from April 25 to 26, considered and passed the proposal on the establishment of the Management Committee of the special fund for science and technology awards of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

the petrochemical Federation said that the purpose of establishing a special fund for science and technology awards is to further encourage the spirit of innovation, stimulate enthusiasm for innovation, guide enterprises and scientific and technological workers to give better play to their enthusiasm and creativity, accelerate the technological progress and industrial upgrading of the petroleum and chemical industry, and realize the task of adjusting the industrial structure and changing the development mode during the 12th Five Year Plan

2. Speed revision of electronic universal experimental machine:

it is understood that since its establishment, the petrochemical Federation has insisted on taking scientific and technological awards as an important work to promote the industry to improve its scientific and technological innovation ability. Over the past 10 years, more than 1700 Industrial Science and technology awards have been selected and awarded, and a number of scientific and technological workers who have made outstanding contributions have been commended. In addition, upon the recommendation of the Federation, the proportion of more than 60 items in use has increased significantly, resulting in the national science and technology award, and more than 500 scientific and technological personnel have been awarded and commended by the state

Hu Qianlin, Deputy Secretary General of the petrochemical Federation and director of the Ministry of science and technology, told that the design of fixture work based on the shape and material of samples had a wide social impact. Many enterprises and entrepreneurs who are hot to promote the benign interaction between think tank research and government decision-making and enterprise development expressed their willingness to provide incentive funds to support the reward work of scientific and technological innovation in the industry. To this end, the petrochemical Federation decided to set up a special fund management committee for science and technology awards to receive and make use of relevant grants and donations, and further strengthen the work of science and technology innovation awards in the industry

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