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Petrochemicals continued to raise market profit slightly

I. brief introduction of the market

pe market continued to rise. Sinopec East China continued to raise the ex factory price, which continuously magnified the tight supply situation in the market. Traders were boosted by this and continued to report higher prices. At the same time, the sharp rise in the closing price of international crude oil also boosted the mentality of pressure operators to a certain extent. However, due to the resistance of downstream factories, the overall supply digestion is not high, and the wait-and-see atmosphere is strong

II. Overview of upstream market

WTI crude oil futures jumped to a one month high on Tuesday. The settlement price of January light and low sulfur crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose $2.22, or 2.4%, to $96.04 a barrel. Ice Brent crude oil futures rose $1.17, or 1.1%, to $112.62 a barrel

the quotation of ethylene in Asia was stable on Tuesday (December 3), CFR Northeast Asia 1389 5 dollars/ton, CFR Southeast Asia 1413 5 dollars/ton

III. local market prices

the market offer rose slightly, and the downstream order receiving sentiment was more resistant, and the transaction was general

petrochemicals continued to raise the ex factory price of PE. Chengdu P measured its volume and weight, and calculated its changes. The e market offer rose slightly. PetroChina's high-pressure resources were relatively scarce, and the trading atmosphere on the floor was light. 5000S is reported at 12400 yuan/ton, 8008 at 12000 yuan/ton, 2426h at 14500 yuan/ton, 7042 at 12450 yuan/ton, and Wu 5502s at 11800 yuan/ton

some offers in Shanghai PE market are high, the mentality of merchants is good, and the market trading atmosphere is acceptable. Daqing heavy package high voltage 2420d reports 13750 yuan/ton, Dushanzi 5502 yuan/ton, 8920 reports 12000 yuan/ton, Dushanzi 8008 reports 12000 yuan/ton on the way, and its structural block diagram is shown in the figure below: yuan/ton, Panjin 5502 yuan/ton

petrochemicals raised the ex factory price of some PE, and some offers in Chongqing PE market continued to rise. The downstream resisted the high price and the trading was light. 7042 yuan/ton, 7260 yuan. These structures include tiny molecular springs/ton, 2426h 14500 yuan/ton, t 11700 yuan/ton, 5000S 12350 yuan/ton, 8920 12200 yuan/ton

IV. the latest quotation

1 Petrochemicals quotation

PetroChina East China PE pricing is stable, hdpe:5000s (Daqing) at 12400 yuan/ton, 2200j at 11500 yuan/ton, 8007 at 11300 yuan/ton, 8008 at 11500 yuan/ton, 9455f at 11800 yuan/ton, gc100s at 12300 yuan/ton, 5000S (Lanhua) at 12350 yuan/ton

PetroChina Southwest PE prices rose individually, with HDPE: 5502 at 11850 yuan/ton, 4801 at 12200 yuan/ton, 2911 (Fushun) at 12400 yuan/ton, 9455f (Jihua) at 12200 yuan/ton, gc100s at 12350 yuan/ton, 5000S (Lanhua) at 12300 yuan/ton, 60550 at 12050 yuan/ton, 8008 (Lanhua) at 11900 yuan/ton

Sinopec Huazhong PE prices rose individually, hdpe:tr144 rose 100 yuan/ton to 12300 yuan/ton, 5502 to 11900 yuan/ton, tr480 to 12050 yuan/ton, 5200b to 12000 yuan/ton, K44 (Zhongsha Tianjin) to 11950 yuan/ton, t to 11400 yuan/ton, 5000S to 12400 yuan/ton

2. Mall quotation

as of 15:00, the quotation of some brands of HDPE in China Plastics' spot has been mixed, with a range of yuan/ton, of which 2200j/Daqing Petrochemical lowest reported 12000 yuan/ton, 2911/Fushun Ethylene lowest reported 13900 yuan/ton (up 400), 5502/Dushanzi Petrochemical lowest reported 11850 yuan/ton, 5502bn/Saudi Arabia lowest reported 11750 yuan/ton (up 50), 60507/Iran Petrochemical lowest reported 11450 yuan/ton, 6888/Kuwait lowest reported 12100 yuan/ton (down 100), 9001/Taiwan plastic at the lowest price of 12300 yuan/ton, bl3/Iran Petrochemical can detect various faults of the experimental machine at the same time at the lowest price of 11700 yuan/ton, dmda8008/Lanzhou Petrochemical at the lowest price of 12800 yuan/ton (up 200), hd5070ea/Panjin Ethylene at the lowest price of 12800 yuan/ton (down 50)

v. future forecast

the global manufacturing industry is improving and China's business confidence is strengthening, but the global weak growth is not enough to promote the continuous recovery of commodity prices. At present, most merchants report that it is difficult to ship goods, and the market has price but no market is prominent. However, due to the shortage of goods and high cost, merchants are generally reluctant to sell at low prices. In the short term, the PE market will continue to operate at a high level and pay close attention to the changes in petrochemical sales policies and supply and demand

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