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Petrobras will expand its SM capacity to ensure PS production.

petrobrasenergia, a subsidiary of Petrobras in Argentina, is planning to expand its 110000 ton/year styrene monomer (SM) installation capacity in Santafe, Argentina, in July this year to ensure the normal production of its 80000 ton/year polystyrene (PS) unit in Zarate in January 2016

it is revealed that the capacity of SM will increase to 160000 tons/year, and the new capacity will be used for 80000 tons/year PS device. There is also a biaxial tensile polystyrene (BOPS) plate production line downstream of the device. Petrobras did not disclose the capital required for this expansion project and the completion time. The company also operates a 250000 ton/year SM device and a 120000 ton/year PS device in Brazil through its subsidiary innova. (Wang Li)

source: China Chemical daily

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