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Petrochemical enterprises set off a wave of investment in Beihai, Guangxi

large enterprise project demonstration location advantages are becoming more and more obvious

with the construction of petrochemical projects of Sinopec Beihai refinery, COFCO Guangxi COFCO biomass energy Co., Ltd., Guangxi Beibu Gulf International Port Group and other enterprises, Beihai City, located in the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, Guangxi Province, has more and more obvious location advantages and logistics advantages. Lian Younong, mayor of Beihai, Guangxi, said in an interview recently that Beihai has attracted the attention of a number of well-known petrochemical enterprises at home and abroad, led by Sinopec Beihai oil refining off-site transformation project and its supporting projects. At present, a large number of enterprises such as Shanghai Jichang Chemical Co., Ltd., South Korea SK Chemical Co., Ltd. and Beihai Huatai Chemical Co., Ltd. are about to bring projects to Beihai petrochemical production company, which is equipped with a "tall" sales team Industrial Park

according to Li Yonglin, head of Sinopec Beihai project, the total investment of Sinopec Beihai petrochemical project group phase I is 15 billion yuan, of which the total investment of Beihai oil refining off-site transformation petrochemical project is 6.638 billion yuan. Li Yonglin pointed out that at present, the construction of the project has entered the peak period, and is actively promoting industrial water engineering, 110 kV Santang Petrochemical substation to petrochemical substation line, petrochemical railway special line, and the relocation of health protection distance. Eight main items of the project, including plant wide warehouse, general substation, circulating water plant and compressed air station, have been handed over. It is planned to be completed and put into operation in September this year

after the completion of the project, it can achieve an annual operating income of more than 30 billion yuan and an average annual profit and tax of about 7 billion yuan. The second phase will add about 15 billion yuan to build 10 million tons of large-scale oil refining and 18.8 billion yuan to build Guangxi LNG project. 1、 The total investment of phase II project can reach 48.8 billion yuan, and the annual output value will exceed 100 billion yuan

Guangxi COFCO biomass energy Co., Ltd. is the fuel ethanol production base built by COFCO group in Beihai. According to Jia Chengguo, deputy general manager of the company, COFCO Guangxi has built a fuel ethanol production line, a special railway line, a self-contained power station and a sewage treatment system, with an annual output of 200000 tons of fuel ethanol. In 2010, COFCO produced and sold 161400 tons of fuel ethanol, and the quality qualification rate of fuel ethanol reached 100%

Jia Chengguo said that as a technology development enterprise, COFCO has established a clean production mode of full process circular economy, developed food grade carbon dioxide and other products, comprehensively utilized the waste water, waste residue and waste gas discharged from the system, and achieved safety zero accidents. Jia Chengguo pointed out that through the efforts of enterprises and all parties, COFCO Guangxi has developed into a backbone leading enterprise in Guangxi's biomass industry

Guangxi Beibu Gulf International Port Group will make full use of the convenient transportation conditions in Beihai to develop the new material industry. According to Ye Shixiang, chairman of the group, they and Foshan Chengde have a new material project that will exceed the investment of 12billion yuan by the electrostatic parts and sliding parts Co., Ltd., covering an area of 1546 mu, with an annual output of 160 new material products such as chemical environmental protection and nickel chromium. The practice of the experimental machine is a kind of mechanical equipment with mechanical properties of 10000 tons. Ye Shixiang said that the project takes advantage of the unique conditions near the port and the advantages of the whole process logistics supplier of the port group to provide full process trade logistics services for raw materials, so that raw materials can be directly supplied from the mine to the factory through the port, reducing intermediate links and greatly reducing logistics costs

it is understood that the new material industrial park with the project as the core has been included in the 100 billion yuan industrial park focused on building in Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone. According to the plan, the new material industry will form an output value of 30 billion yuan next year and reach 100 billion yuan by 2015

Lian Younong told that Beihai has not only planned a new material industrial park, but also a 60 square kilometer Petrochemical Industrial Park in Tieshangang district. Recently, Formosa Plastics Group, Taiwan's largest private enterprise, also expressed its strong interest in investing in Beihai Petrochemical Industrial Park, which can also improve the application life and accuracy of equipment

Lian Younong predicted that the construction of Beihai Petrochemical Industrial Park will gradually drive the rapid development of more than 20 industries such as chemical industry, machinery, logistics, transportation and real estate, and attract more than 50000 employees from supporting enterprises and logistics. With the advancement of the project, Sinopec's new 10million ton/year oil refining project in phase II and Sinopec's 5million ton/year LNG project in Guangxi are also paying close attention to the preliminary work

Lian Younong said that Beihai plans to expand the petrochemical industry in the next five years and fully support the development of major projects such as oil refining, new materials and fuel ethanol. The output value of Beihai Petrochemical will reach 30billion yuan in 2012 and 50billion yuan in 2015

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