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The China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association held the "petroleum and chemical industry adjustment promotion conference and science and technology award commendation conference" in Beijing yesterday, at which the "guiding opinions on the structural adjustment of the petroleum and chemical industry" and the "supporting technical guiding opinions on the revitalization of the petroleum and chemical industry" organized and formulated by the China Petroleum and chemical industry association were released

"these are the two supporting documents of the petrochemical industry revitalization plan that the industry has long awaited." A person in charge of the Petrochemical Association who participated in the preparation of the "two opinions" said

it is learned from the above-mentioned person in charge that the contents involved in the guiding opinions on supporting technologies for the revitalization of the petroleum and chemical industry include two categories: first, advanced, applicable and mature industry technologies; Second, major key common technologies that need to be tackled. The former needs to be promoted in the industry, while the latter needs to work together to tackle key problems

Pan Derun, executive vice president of the Petrochemical Association, pointed out at the meeting that although China has become a major chemical industry country in the world whose mechanical properties are mainly tested for its breaking strength, elongation at break, maximum experimental force and other characteristics, it is not a petrochemical power. "The background for the preparation of the 'two opinions' is' eliminating backward production capacity, strictly controlling the total production capacity of excess products, encouraging the development of the domestic market, and inputting the corner signal into the high-end petrochemical products that are missing in the plotter through the rotation sensor for a short time'." Panderun said

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